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    PLAN 590

    Real Estate Investment, Finance & Development Maymester 2012


    I invite you to take my Maymester course this year.  It is a hands-on course designed for graduate and undergraduate students who want to learn more about real estate.  You’ll gain skills that will help you make good housing choices.  You’ll also learn how real estate development and investment decisions are made.  In June, you’ll be impressed with the knowledge you have gained after three short weeks!

    The course looks at the local housing market by asking you to consider whether you should buy or rent.  If you want to buy, is it better to purchase an existing house or build one?  Where can you find a lot to purchase?  What is the best way to finance the house you buy?  These questions are answered and lead to a broader discussion about residential real estate in the first part of the course.

    The second part focuses on commercial real estate.  You will learn how to use practical techniques to understand both development and investment.  We will take several field trips to view innovative projects.  We will also meet with local real estate developers, general contractors, designers and urban planners during these trips.

    Please contact me if you are interested.


    Emil Malizia
    Professor & Chair
    Dept. of City & Regional Planning

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