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    PLAN 246 Cities of the Future (3)

    Introduction to the evolution of cities in history, to the concept of urban morphology or form, and to the different elements or subsystems of the urban system and how they have changed over time.


    • Have you ever wondered why cities exist?
    • Why do some cities grow while others shrink?
    • What tools do we have to shape urban develpment?

    This course presents the city through four key analytic lenses: environmental, sociopolitical, economics, and spatial.

    PLAN 246 is an introduction to the development of cities, the causes and consequences of major urban issues, and the practice of urban planning. It is open to all students and there is no course prerequisite. Students will be asked to think critically about urban issues and urban theory and to develop thoughtful analysis of problems and solutions. We will address a variety of topics from planning for parks and open space to housing and economic development to race, class, gender and ethnicity in urban areas.

    Past course syllabi:  (more PLAN syllabi)
    Spring 2016
    Spring 2017


    Next available session:

    Summer Session I (Class # 2008)
    M-F (9:45 - 11:15 AM)
    Instructor: Allison Forbes
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