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    PLAN 591 - Applied Issues in Geographic Information Systems

    Provides exposure to a broad range of current GIS topics, such as terrain analysis, medical geography, biophysical analysis, and population geography.


    No matter how large or small your community, planners, environmental scientists, public health officers, and other local analysts must deal with spatial information: addresses, land parcels and land cover, zoning, transportation networks, housing stock, neighborhoods, streams, and natural hazards. Federal, regional, state, county, and local planning agencies and private enterprises have realized the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) to identify problems, respond to them efficiently, and share the results with a variety of audience. GIS techniques provide tools to help you present and analyze spatial information.

    This course intends to provide broad coverage of GIS topics so that students will feel comfortable  with the most common functions of GIS and spatial analysis, and will also be competent in using GIS software. The class is not intended to make students into GIS coding, spatial modeling or spatial statistics experts.

    By the end of the course student will be familiar with all of ArcGIS's core functionality. This course will use ArcGIS 10, Spatial Analyst, ID Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, and Network Analyst.


    Past course syllabi:  (more PLAN syllabi)

    Summer 2016
    Summer 2015

    Next available sessions:

    PLAN 591: Applied Issues in Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.)
    Summer Session I (Class # 1491 - 3 credit hours)
    M-F @ 11:30 AM - 2:45 PM
    Instructor: Yan Chen

    PLAN 591: Applied Issues in Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.)
    Fall Semester
    Tuesday @ 3:30 - 6:15 PM
    Instructor: Song

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