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    Dual Degree Programs

    The current MCRP requirements include five (5) core PLAN courses (15 credit hours), five (5) PLAN specialization courses (15 credit hours), 6 (PLAN and non-PLAN) elective courses (18 credit hours), and Master's Project (3 credit hours, PLAN), or 51 credit hours in all.

    Planning students pursuing any dual degree must complete eleven (11) PLAN courses (33 credit hours) plus the Master's Project (3 credits, PLAN).  The remaining 15 credit hours come from the student's other Master's program, either business, law, landscape architecture, public administration, or public health (including Environmental Science and Engineering).  Any 15 credit hours taken in that other program can be counted as planning electives.  For non-dual degree students the limit on coursework taken outside DCRP is 12 credit hours.  Some programs have capstone paper requirements similar to the Master's Project.  Students often are able to combine these research or practice-oriented projects to help them synthesize knowledge from both fields.  When degree requirements for each program are fulfilled, students receive the MCRP degree and the second degree. 

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    Those interested need to apply and secure admission to DCRP and to the other school or department.
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