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    2017 Graduation Ceremony


    Graduation Ceremony

    Carolina Union Great Hall

    DSC_06632.JPGKeynote Speaker

    Weiming Lu, FAICP (MCRP '56)

    Weiming Lu is a Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners, an Honorable Member of the American Institute of Architects, a Fellow of the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, and a member of the International China Planning Network. He is an advisor to the Planning Institute of Beijing, the Modern Calligraphy Center of the China National Academy of Arts, Chamber Music Society of Minnesota, and the Metropolitan Design Center of the University of Minnesota’s College of Design. He is serving on the U.S./China Friendship Association (Minnesota Chapter) board, and advising its Chinese Garden project.

    DSC_07032.JPGStudent Speaker

    Jonathan Peterson
    Economic Development & Real Estate Planning




    Candidates for Masters of City & Regional Planning

    Jonathan Ahn
    Katharine "Annie" Baumann-Mitchell
    Christopher Bendix
    Erika Brandt
    Daniel Bullock
    Austin Chowdhury
    Erin Convery
    Peter Gorman
    Racheal Hammond (MCRP & JD)
    Sumner Handy
    Michelle Kelleher
    Shati Khan
    Carl Kolosna*
    Tianyuan Liu (MCRP & MPH)
    Shamsa Mangalji
    Kelly March
    Sarah Martin
    Taylor Mcadam
    Blake Montieth
    Abigail Moore
    Chase Nicholas
    Jamar Nixon
    Estefany Noria
    Sarah Odio
    Joseph Omozokpea
    Elizabeth Packer
    Jonathan Peterson
    Niranjani Radhakrishnan (MCRP & MPH)
    Hannah Reckhow
    Ashton Rohmer*
    Dana Schoewe
    Joseph Seymour
    Taylor Smith
    Trey Talley
    Patrick Welch
    Rachel Wexler
    Allen Wood (MCRP & MBA)
    Sarah Elizabeth Wraight
    Yun Xin

    *Natural Hazards Resilience Certificate

    Candidates for Doctor of Philosophy

    Mary Donegan
    “Inside the Triangle: Advancing Research on Entrepreneurship and Firm Locations”

    Allan Freyer
    “Incentives in a New Light: Enhancing the Effectiveness of State Economic Development through Policy Embeddedness”

    Kirstin Frescoln
    “Making Public Housing Work: Assessing the Implementation and Impacts of a Work Requirement in Public Housing”

    Lilah Besser
    “Neighborhood Built Environment Characteristics and Cognition in Non-Demented Older Adults”


    Student Awards

    The American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) Award. Sarah Wraight
    The NCAPA Outstanding Student Award
    Taylor McAdam
    The Weiss Best Colleague Award.
    Ashton Rohmer and Taylor McAdam
    The Louise Venable Coker Award (Best MP in HCD)
    Chris Bendix
    The Stuart Chapin Award (Best MP in LUEP)
    Chase Nicholas
    The James Webb Award (Best MP in Placemaking & RED
    ) Allen Wood
    The Terry Lathrop Award (Best MP in TPO)
    Joseph Seymour
    The Best Master’s Project in Economic Development
    Rachel Wexler
    Center for Community Capital (Best MP in Econ. Inclusion)
    Annie Baumann-Mitchell
    Plan for All MCRP
    Sarah Wraight
    Plan for All PhD
    Amanda Martin
    Doctoral Student Excellence in Teaching Award
    Mary Wolfe

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