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    2015 Department Fall Visitation
    This is a great opportunity for prospective students to visit the UNC campus, learn first-hand about DCRP, meet current students, and speak directly to faculty. We hope that you can join us!
    Reimagining India’s Urban Future
    A Framework for Securing High-Growth, Low-Carbon, Climate-Resilient Urban Development in India
    A Drain On The Economy? Ecological Restoration Is A $9.5 Billion Industry
    Thank those spotted owls. Rather than hurt jobs, cleaning up the environment actually employs more workers than industries such as logging or mining.
    Rebuilding the Bridge to the Future: An Analysis of What Works for North Carolina's Economy
    Report Calls for a New Economic Development Strategy for NC Targeting Broad Based Economic Prosperity
    Millennials and our transport future
    It’s become a cliché — the twenty-something urban dwellers who never got drivers’ licenses and instead rely on bikes, transit and a good smartphone to get where they need to go.
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