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    After the Flood, the Decision to Rebuild or Leave Permanently
    As I write this, residents from flooded neighborhoods in eastern North Carolina are sitting in crowded high school gyms, staying at area motels, and bunked with family and friends. While Hurricane Matthew threw high winds and storm surge at coastal communities, devastating flooding came to inland communities. Rivers bulged over their banks, entering homes and covering roads in a growing mass of moving water.
    DCRP Guest: Dr. David Mendonca
    In class: PLAN 774 Planning for Jobs - Labor Market Transformations and Employment Policy in the 21st Century
    The Future of Floods: Lessons from Charlotte-Mecklenburg County
    This post was drafted prior to the flooding in North Carolina associated with Hurricane Matthew, but we feel that these lessons are now more relevant than ever given the severity of the damage across the state.
    Reviving Wasted Pavement
    How should we use public space in downtown cores? What is the social role of parks? What form can community action take?
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