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    Learn more about our faculty's current research, student & alumni awards.

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    UNC, N.C. State students win national urban design contest
    A team of NC State University and UNC-Chapel Hill students won a national urban design competition with their redevelopment plan for a San Diego neighborhood.
    Campanella awarded Rome Prize
    Thomas Campanella, DCRP associate professor was named 2010-2011 fellows of the American Academy in Rome. Campanella was tapped with the Katherine Edwards Gordon Rome Prize in the design category for “From Rome to Robert Moses: Recovering the Legacy of Michael Rapuano.”
    Godschalk co-chairs new sustainability planning initiative
    A Win-Win for All
    Berke Presents Research on Community Resilience and Reduction of National Hazard Risks
    Philip R. Berke, DCRP Professor and director of the Center for Sustainable Community Design and deputy director of the Institute for the Environment (IE) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill briefed the National Academy of Engineering this past summer about a national research initiative designed to build community resiliency and reduce risk from natural hazards.
    Developing CNT
    Students test accessibility
    Students in “PLAN 638: Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning” recently participated in an activity to demonstrate how pedestrian design elements and the built environment affect disabled individuals.
    Enterprise meets with DCRP students to discuss community development
    Recently DCRP students were fortunate enough to meet with DCRP alumnus Philip Porter (MRP ’96) about the exciting opportunities at Enterprise Community Investment, Inc.
    Terry Chapin, son of DCRP founding member F. Stuart Chapin, visits DCRP
    Natural resource management is entering a new era in which rapid environmental and social change will inevitably alter ecosystems and the benefits they provide to society.
    Safe Routes to School - Japan
    Assistant Professor Noreen McDonald participated in a study tour to Japan on the topic of walking to school.
    Berke named an Outstanding Alumnus by College of Architecture at Texas A&M University
    Less than one percent of the college’s 15,000 plus former students have been recognized as Outstanding Alumni, the highest honor bestowed by the college to former students.
    UNC, Peking University establish urban planning consortium
    Thanks largely to the efforts of DCRP faculty member Yan Song, UNC-Chapel Hill is expanding its international academic involvement through a consortium on urban and regional planning and management with Peking University, one of the leading universities in China.
    Program on Chinese Cities
    The Program on Chinese Cities (PCC) was established by DCRP Associate Professor Yan Song to develop an internationally-recognized research agenda to better understand the impacts of rapid metropolitan development on China's built and natural environments.
    The Research Triangle: From Tobacco Road to Global Prominence
    Over the past three decades, the economy of North Carolina's Research Triangle—defined by the cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill—has been transformed from one dependent on agriculture and textiles to one driven by knowledge-based jobs in technology, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals.
    Regaining the Dream
    Millions of Americans have lost their homes since the start of the Great Recession. Is the dream of homeownership for America's working families obsolete, an aspiration from a bygone era?
    Case studies in the right way to make home loans
    In 1998, Self-Help, the Durham community development organization, proposed an ambitious plan to demonstrate to the financial world that making home loans to low-income and minority borrowers could be profitable for lenders.
    The Roman Roots of Gotham's London Plane
    It has long been a mystery in New York just how the London plane (Platanus acerifolia) came to be the city's most abundant shade tree.
    Risk, Access and the Future of Homeownership
    The Center for American Progress, Brookings Institution Press, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Center for Community Capital invite you to join an esteemed panel for a deeper exploration of how the relationships between the lending industry, government, and borrowers worked in the past decade and how it can be revived and reformed for coming generations.
    Art at the Scale of Landscape
    Altitude was the first air conditioner. Come summer since time immemorial, people around the globe—those who could afford it, at least—have fled malarial cities to seek refuge in cool verdant hills.
    Tax for Transit will pay dividends (Opinion – William Rohe)
    On Tuesday (11/8/11), Durham County voters will be the first in the Triangle to vote on a referendum to increase the local sales and use tax by one-half percent to support public transit. Voters in Orange and Wake counties are expected to follow suit next year. If these referendums pass they will help finance the expansion of public transit, including development of a passenger rail system linking Raleigh, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill. Do we need a passenger rail system in the Triangle? Careful study suggests the answer is, unequivocally, yes.
    DCRP hosts the Divided Cities and Regions Symposium
    Negotiating Conflict Between People, Business and Government
    CTP Alumni Career Panel
    The Carolina Transportation Program recently hosted an Alumni Career Panel to discuss the best ways to find a job after graduation.
    2011 Diversity Committee Bus Trip
    Recently DCRP students piled into a bus and headed out of town to explore some nearby communities. Our purpose was to learn how nearby communities and professionals approach the issues of diversity in planning. The bus trip lasted the whole day and consisted of the stops in Historic Stagville, the City of Oxford, and Soul City.
    Student Award: Matt Tomasulo
    DCRP Student Recognition: 2011 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) - Honor Award (Communications Category)
    Turn Foreclosure Frustration into Policy Action (Opinion – Roberto Quercia)
    Occupy Your Home advocates across the country have good reason to demonstrate their frustration over mounting foreclosures and market excesses. They have called for a National Day of Action to protest.
    A home for all seasons (Webb design stands test of time)
    Designed in 1950 by DCRP Professor and architect James Murray “Jim” Webb and completed in 1952 for Kenneth Brinkhous, a noted scientist at UNC’s Medical School. Jim Webb, the first faculty member hired by DCRP founder John A. Parker, was a designer, practitioner and contributor to the original plan for the Research Triangle Park.
    State faces affordable housing gap
    "The programs that are out there produce great housing,” said Chris Estes (MRP '02) with the North Carolina Housing Coalition. “We have a great delivery system of for profit and non-profit developers who build it, just not enough funding to keep up with the need."
    Chapel Hill 2020: Planning for Sustainability
    The community and the town council have asked for a new Comprehensive Plan to reexamine the vision for Chapel Hill and to plan together for the community's future. The new planning and visioning document will create a framework for the community to guide the Town Council in managing Chapel Hill's future over the next 10 years.
    Carolina Planning website
    We are pleased to report the official launch of the new Carolina Planning website. This new web presence both extends the reach and impact of the Journal and provides unprecedented access to our archives.
    How to get America to walk
    US cities have long catered to a population that prefers to drive. How do you remake a city into a pedestrian dream?
    Latino Contributions
    Researching Latino Contributions to North Carolina
    Design Revival 24 - Small Towns, Big Ideas
    Design Revival 24 is rooted in the conviction that helping communities in need is a core calling of design professionals everywhere.
    DCRP Event: Regaining Relevancy
    There is an emerging sense, especially among young practitioners and scholars, that the planning field has lost its agency to incite positive change in our cities and regions. Some argue that rather than formulators and implementers of forward-thinking plans, the profession has been reduced to administering code and facilitating process. Others contend that the field’s redefined role gives it new legitimacy to tackle to pressing challenges of the 21st century.
    Relevancy Event Parking
    Tar Heel of the Week: Tomasulo's signs help Raleigh folks walk
    RALEIGH - The terms “guerrilla” and “wayfinding” make an unlikely pair. One brings to mind shady tactics employed under cover of darkness, while the other conjures the innocuous signs that guide sunny strolls through historic towns.
    Seeing 2020
    Chapel Hill citizens are deciding what the town’s future should look like, using principles refined by a world-renowned city and regional planning department that few outside the field know about.
    Graduate Students Make an Impact – Honored for Research Benefiting North Carolina
    Each year, the UNC at Chapel Hill Graduate School recognizes graduate student research that is improving the lives of people in North Carolina and beyond. The Impact Awards recognize outstanding graduate students whose research covers a variety of areas: education, the environment, economic development, health, public administration and more.
    Student Research: What makes some CaBi stations more used than others?
    Open trip data lets researchers analyze bike sharing systems in detail. They are making useful discoveries about how culture and urban spaces affect the way people use bikeshare. These conclusions can help cities refine their bikeshare systems as they grow and mature.
    2012 APA Outstanding Planning Student Organization Awards
    DCRP Planners' Forum students were recognized for two recent department events: Divided Cities and Regions: Consensus Policy Conference and Pecha Kucha Presentations on Internships.
    Obama visits UNC, presidential motorcade passes New East
    President Barack Obama’s visit to Chapel Hill on Tuesday caused road closings and detours throughout the day on UNC’s campus.
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