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    Latino Contributions

    Researching Latino Contributions to North Carolina


    Recently tenured DCRP Associate Professor Nichola Lowe spent the fall '11 semester in residence at UNC’s Global Research Institute (GRI) as part of a year long research fellowship which will continue with support from the UNC Institute for Arts and Humanities (IAH). In collaboration with GRI Fellow Dr. Natasha Iskander, she has been exploring institutional differences across local labor markets that not only shape how Latino immigrants apply and develop skill, but influence the kinds of barriers they face in harnessing their expertise for occupational advancement.

    As both a GRI and IAH faculty fellow, she is extending this line of research to examine emergent pathways for revealing and defending immigrant skill. Through this work, Dr. Lowe, is hoping to inform advocacy efforts aimed at protecting immigrant workers by revealing the significant and lasting contributions they make to industry development and upgrading.

    In 2010 Dr. Lowe was selected as a GlaxoSmithKline Fellow at the Institute for Emerging Issues at NC State University, where she spent the year examining the role of creativity and innovation in strengthening North Carolina’s economy.

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