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    DCRP hosts the Divided Cities and Regions Symposium
    Negotiating Conflict Between People, Business and Government
    Tax for Transit will pay dividends (Opinion – William Rohe)
    On Tuesday (11/8/11), Durham County voters will be the first in the Triangle to vote on a referendum to increase the local sales and use tax by one-half percent to support public transit. Voters in Orange and Wake counties are expected to follow suit next year. If these referendums pass they will help finance the expansion of public transit, including development of a passenger rail system linking Raleigh, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill. Do we need a passenger rail system in the Triangle? Careful study suggests the answer is, unequivocally, yes.
    Art at the Scale of Landscape
    Altitude was the first air conditioner. Come summer since time immemorial, people around the globe—those who could afford it, at least—have fled malarial cities to seek refuge in cool verdant hills.
    Risk, Access and the Future of Homeownership
    The Center for American Progress, Brookings Institution Press, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Center for Community Capital invite you to join an esteemed panel for a deeper exploration of how the relationships between the lending industry, government, and borrowers worked in the past decade and how it can be revived and reformed for coming generations.
    The Roman Roots of Gotham's London Plane
    It has long been a mystery in New York just how the London plane (Platanus acerifolia) came to be the city's most abundant shade tree.
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