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    Case studies in the right way to make home loans
    In 1998, Self-Help, the Durham community development organization, proposed an ambitious plan to demonstrate to the financial world that making home loans to low-income and minority borrowers could be profitable for lenders.
    Regaining the Dream
    Millions of Americans have lost their homes since the start of the Great Recession. Is the dream of homeownership for America's working families obsolete, an aspiration from a bygone era?
    The Research Triangle: From Tobacco Road to Global Prominence
    Over the past three decades, the economy of North Carolina's Research Triangle—defined by the cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill—has been transformed from one dependent on agriculture and textiles to one driven by knowledge-based jobs in technology, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals.
    Program on Chinese Cities
    The Program on Chinese Cities (PCC) was established by DCRP Professor Yan Song to develop an internationally-recognized research agenda to better understand the impacts of rapid metropolitan development on China's built and natural environments.
    UNC, Peking University establish urban planning consortium
    Thanks largely to the efforts of DCRP faculty member Yan Song, UNC-Chapel Hill is expanding its international academic involvement through a consortium on urban and regional planning and management with Peking University, one of the leading universities in China.
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