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    2016 Master’s Graduates – Graduation Awards
    2016 Master’s Graduates – Graduation Awards
    To thwart HB2 provision, NC governments could insource services
    Because of HB2, local governments no longer can require their contractors pay workers a living wage, provide paid sick days or even maintain enhanced workplace health and safety standards. But governments can rethink their decision to outsource service provision to private businesses and instead insource the work they need done by doing it directly – adding government jobs that pay higher wages, better benefits and offer stronger protections.
    2016 Graduation Ceremony
    DCRP's Graduation Ceremony
    Alumni Update (Stories after 50 years)
    A lot of interesting things can happen to you in 50 years. As we begin our 70th Anniversary Weekend, here are a couple stories from alumni who graduated in the 60’s.
    How do you breathe new life into a distressed neighborhood?
    In partnership with UNC's Center for Community Capital, JPMorgan Chase & Co. launched PRO Neighborhoods, a $125 million, five-year initiative to identify and support solutions for creating economic opportunity in disadvantaged neighborhoods around the country.
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