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    Study Looks to Locals on Saltwater Intrusion
    Saltwater is creeping farther inland into the soil and surface waters of North Carolina’s coastal plain. This “saltwater intrusion,” as scientists call it, has an ability to transform freshwater landscapes long before they’re permanently drowned by the rising sea.
    Housing Choice Voucher Survey of Satisfaction and Needs
    Researchers at DCRP and the UNC Center for Urban and Regional Studies reached out to more than 1,000 randomly-selected Section 8 households to assess the household characteristics in the Charlotte Housing Authority’s (CHA) primary voucher program.
    Why North Carolinians Struggle To Find Affordable Housing
    Bill Rohe was a guest on WUNC’s The State of Things to discuss why North Carolinians struggle to find affordable housing.
    Dense Development Would Harm Air in NC’s Triangle, Study Finds
    New research from UNC-Chapel Hill challenges the new orthodoxy that dense urban development is better for the health of people living there.
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