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    2015 Best Article in the Journal of Urban Affairs
    Thomas William Lester was awarded the 2015 Best Article in the Journal of Urban Affairs Award.
    Inaugural Master’s Project Conference
    The Master’s Project serves to demonstrate the student's capabilities in his/her area along with their readiness for professional practice.
    Graduate Students Make an Impact – Honored for Research Benefiting North Carolina
    Each year, the UNC at Chapel Hill Graduate School recognizes graduate student research that is improving the lives of people in North Carolina and beyond. The Impact Awards recognize outstanding graduate students whose research covers a variety of areas: education, the environment, economic development, health, public administration and more.
    Sustaining Places: Best Practices for Comprehensive Plans
    In 2010, the American Planning Association launched a project with nothing less than the future of the planet at stake. The Sustaining Places Initiative looks at how cities, towns, and regions can meet today’s needs without draining the next generation’s resources.
    Study Looks to Locals on Saltwater Intrusion
    Saltwater is creeping farther inland into the soil and surface waters of North Carolina’s coastal plain. This “saltwater intrusion,” as scientists call it, has an ability to transform freshwater landscapes long before they’re permanently drowned by the rising sea.
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