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    How to get America to walk

    US cities have long catered to a population that prefers to drive. How do you remake a city into a pedestrian dream?


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    US cities built in the 20th Century have long catered for a population that prefers to take the car to shop, dine and work. But an ageing population and a young professional workforce looking for an urban lifestyle have forced city planners to reconsider the existing road and pavement infrastructure. But how do you remake a city into a pedestrian dream, and how do you re-educate the public about its transportation choices?

    The BBC's Franz Strasser went to Raleigh, North Carolina, where an unsanctioned street sign campaign called Walk Raleigh caught the attention of city officials and pedestrians alike.

    Watch the video (includes interviews with DCRP's Matt Tomasulo and Mitch Silver, APA President)


    Learn more about Walk Raleigh:
    Civic-minded projects fueled by civic-minded products

    Walk Raleigh is our initial step in linking the purchase of products to the funding and promotion of real life, small-scale civic and social interventions. Walk Raleigh is a very basic, guerrilla (self-installed) wayfinding system of 27 signs placed at 3 different intersections in downtown Raleigh. These signs are intended to put walkability on the forefront of conversation about the future of downtown Raleigh. 

    Read more about Walk Raleigh @ City Fabric

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