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    Todd BenDor
    Associate Professor; Director, Ph.D. Program
    307 New East
    work919.962.4760 (phone)
    Professor BenDor's research and teaching focus on producing better ways to understand the impacts that human activities and development can have on sensitive ecological and environmental systems. His research uses both qualitative and quantitative techniques to explore 1) improvements in environmental policy, particularly environmental markets, such as those used domestically to elevate water quality and protect and restore wetlands, 2) better and easier to use models of urban growth and change, and 3) improvements in environmental conflict resolution techniques. Dr. BenDor is also the Director of Carolina Planning's Ph.D. Program and head of the land use and environmental planning specialization in the MCRP program.
    Philip Berke
    Adjunct Professor; Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Texas A&M University
    Dr. Berke teaches courses in land use and environmental planning and policy, environmental analysis and land use planning, and planning theory.
    David Brower
    Research Professor
    206 New East
    work919.962.4775 (phone)
    Professor Brower teaches courses in land use and environmental planning, environmental ethics, planning law, coastal zone management, and sustainable development.
    Raymond Burby
    Professor Emeritus, FAICP
    203 New East
    Chapel Hill, NC 27599
    work919.962.4774 or 919.969.9143 (phone)
    Raymond Burby is professor emeritus in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Burby has research interests in state and local land-use management approaches to natural hazard mitigation, watershed protection, and other environmental problems. His publications deal with these topics as well as report the results of earlier work on building code enforcement, energy conservation, new community development, and low-income housing.
    David Godschalk
    Stephen Baxter Professor Emeritus, FAICP
    203 New East
    work919.962.5012 (phone)
    David R. Godschalk is Professor Emeritus in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chair of the APA Working Group on Plan Standards and a regular book reviewer for Urban Land, his recent publications include:
    Myrick Howard
    Marion S. Covington Visiting Lecturer in Historic Preservation
    309 New East
    work919-962-4756 (phone)
    Myrick Howard has been the Marion S. Covington Visiting Lecturer in Historic Preservation at DCRP since 1988. As President of Preservation North Carolina (PNC) since 1978, he has helped to build the organization into one of the nation’s most prominent preservation nonprofits.
    Robin Howarth
    Visiting Lecturer
    New East
    Chapel Hill, NC 27599
    work919.962.3983 (phone)
    Dr. Howarth's research interests focus primarily on urban redevelopment and real estate markets, development finance in distressed communities, and community engagement.
    Edward Kaiser
    Professor Emeritus, FAICP
    202 New East
    work919-962-4768 (phone)
    Dr. Kaiser's research and teaching interests included improving the quality of local land use plans and developing land use planning strategies for hazard mitigation and environmental protection.
    Nikhil Kaza
    Associate Professor; Associate Chair & Director of the Master’s Program
    314 New East
    work919.962.4767 (phone)
    Dr. Kaza studies the phenomena of plans and their uses in public and private decision-making. Of particular interest are urban development processes, energy planning and land use impacts.
    T. William Lester
    Associate Professor; Chair of the Curriculum Committee
    320 New East
    Chapel Hill, NC 27599
    work919.962.3512 (phone)
    Social scientist, urban economic development planner. Chicago sports fan and dog lover.
    Nichola Lowe
    Associate Professor
    New East - Room 303
    work919.843.2319 (phone)
    Dr. Lowe's research focuses on the institutional arrangements that lead to more inclusive forms of economic development and specifically, the role that practitioners can play in aligning growth and equity goals.
    Emil Malizia
    316 New East
    work919.962.4759 (phone)
    Dr. Malizia has expertise in the related areas of regional economic development, real estate development, and urban redevelopment.
    Noreen McDonald
    Associate Professor & Chair; Director, Carolina Transportation Program
    108 & 317 New East
    work919.962.4781 (phone)
    My work focuses on travel behavior and addresses cross-cutting policy questions in the fields of planning, education, and public health around youth and young adult mobility and community design.
    David Moreau
    Research Professor
    202 New East
    work919.606.0408 (phone)
    Dr. Moreau has research interests in the analysis, planning, financing, and evaluation of water and related environmental programs. His publications include work in systems analysis, planning and management of urban water systems, management of water supplies during droughts, and planning and evaluation of watershed management programs.
    Associate Chair & Associate Professor; Director of Master’s Program
    205 New East
    work919.962.4762 (phone)
    Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen's teaches in the Housing and Community Development specialization. Her research focuses on housing policy, social and spatial inequality, and resilient communities. She is currently the Associate Chair and the Director of the Master's of City and Regional Planning Program. She also serves as the Director of New Faculty Programs at UNC. Dr. Nguyen is currently the President of the Faculty Women's Interest Group at ACSP and the Treasurer of Governing Board of the Urban Affairs Association. She is the founder and moderator of Planners 2040 a Facebook discussion group that engages urban planning scholars globally in lively discussion on innovative teaching and research topics.
    Roberto Quercia
    Trudier Harris Distinguished Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning; Director, UNC Center for Community Capital
    315 New East
    work919.962.4766 (phone)
    Dr. Quercia is a mortgage finance expert who has published numerous articles, primarily on the topics of low-income homeownership, affordable lending and the assessment of lending risks, and homeownership education and counseling.
    William Rohe
    Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor & Director of the Center for Urban and Regional Studies
    New East 304 + Hickerson House 104
    work919.962.3077 (phone)
    Dr. Rohe teaches courses in central city and neighborhood revitalization, and has published 3 books and over 60 journal articles on the topics of housing and community development policy and practice.
    Gavin Smith
    Research Professor; Director, US Department of Homeland Security’s Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence
    404 New East
    work919.606.5578 (phone)
    Dr. Smith’s research interests include hazard mitigation, planning for post-disaster recovery, and climate change adaptation. Translational activities include advising international, federal, state and local governments on a number of issues including the linkage between sustainable development and risk reduction, pre- and post-disaster policymaking, and improving the nexus between disaster management initiatives and emerging climate change adaptation measures.
    Yan Song
    Professor; Co-Director of Ph.D. and Master’s Admissions; Director, Program on Chinese Cities
    319 New East
    work919.962.4761 (phone)
    Dr. Song's research interests includes low carbon and green cities, plan evaluation, land use development and regulations, spatial analysis of urban spatial structure and urban form, land use and transportation integration, and how to accommodate research in above fields by using planning supporting systems such as GIS and other computer-aided planning tools.
    Danielle Spurlock
    Assistant Professor
    318 New East
    work919-962-4757 (phone)
    My work focuses on plan and policy implementation and addresses policy questions in the areas of planning, public health, environmental and social justice, and dispute resolution.
    Meenu Tewari
    Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies
    207 New East
    work919.962.4758 (phone)
    Dr. Tewari works on the political economy of economic and industrial development, poverty alleviation, small firms, and the urban informal economy from a comparative, institutional perspective. She teaches in the areas of economic development, historical and institutional analysis of development processes, and microeconomics.
    Allie Thomas
    Assistant Professor
    work9190962-4775 (phone)
    Dr. Thomas studies how best practices travel the globe and where they land. She uses ethnographic research methods to understand how “best practices” in transportation are adopted (or not) in developing economies such as China, focusing on planners. Her US-based work focuses on electric bicycles and family travel. She is semi-fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has extensive experience living in China.
    Jesse White
    Adjunct Professor
    302 New East
    Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    work(919) 619-5138 (phone)
    Andrew Whittemore
    Assistant Professor, AICP
    313 New East
    work919-962-4756 (phone)
    Dr. Whittemore is an Assistant Professor at DCRP teaching in the Placemaking and Real Estate Development specialization. Whittemore’s research focuses on urban form and design, planning history and theory, land use planning and zoning, primarily in the North American context.
    Dale Whittington
    204 New East
    Rosenau Hall CB #7431
    work919.962.4755 (phone)
    Dr. Whittington is a Professor of Environmental Sciences & Engineering, City & Regional Planning, and Public Policy, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since 1986 he has worked for the World Bank and other international agencies on the development and application of techniques for estimating the economic value of environmental resources in developing countries, with a particular focus on water and sanitation and vaccine policy issues.
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