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    Danielle Spurlock
    Assistant Professor
    318 New East
    work919-962-4757 (phone)
    fax919-962-5206 (fax)
    My work focuses on plan and policy implementation and addresses policy questions in the areas of planning, public health, environmental and social justice, and dispute resolution.


    PLAN 246: Cities of the Future: Introduction to Planning
    PLAN 725: Development Dispute Resolution
    PLAN 740: Land Use and Environmental Policy
    PLAN 890: Plan and Policy Implementation


    My research explores  the relationships among land use, the environment, human behavior, and structural inequality on a variety of research projects including: social stratification and its impact of the siting of hazardous land uses; social vulnerability and emergency preparedness; and the impact of land use decisions on ecosystems services. My most recent research investigates plan and policy implementation and the land use decision-making process at the parcel level.  

    Selected Publications

    Berke, Philip, Danielle Spurlock, George Hess, and Larry Band. (2013). Local Comprehensive Plan Quality and Regional Ecosystem Protection: The Case of the Jordan Lake Watershed, North Carolina, U.S.A., Land Use Policy 31: 450-459.

    Berke, Philip, John Cooper, David Salvesen, Danielle Spurlock and Christina Rausch. (2011). Building Capacity for Disaster Resiliency in Six Disadvantaged Communities, Sustainability 3(1): 1-20.

    Berke, Philip, John Cooper, David Salvesen, Danielle Spurlock, and Christina Rausch. (2011). Disaster Plans: Challenges and Choices to Build the Resiliency of Vulnerable Populations. International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters 28(3): 368-394.

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