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    photo of
    Daniel A. Rodriguez
    Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Community Design; Adjunct Professor, Department of Epidemiology
    319 New East
    work919.962.4763 (phone)
    fax919.962.5206 (fax)
    Dr. Rodriguez's research focuses on the relationship between transportation and the built environment. He has studied how the built environment affects the behavior of travelers, and how transportation investments can be used to stimulate re-development.

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    Dr. Rodri­guez teaches courses in transportation policy, transit planning and strategy, and urban spatial structure.

    PLAN 637: Public Transportation Strategy and Planning

    PLAN 638: Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning

    PLAN 738: Transportation Policy

    PLAN 823: Sustainable Urbanization in Nairobi, Kenya (Section 1)

    PLAN 890: Research Design

    Research and practice

    My research focuses on the relationship between transportation and land development. I examine this relationship at various scales. At the individual level, I have studied that land value impacts of transit investments and the impacts of urban form on travel behavior and physical activity. At the regional scale, I study the relationship between regional policies and travel patterns, and  how plans can be used to strengthen the reciprocal connection between transportation and land use.

    The work I do is driven by practical problems and aims to inform planners and policy-makers. I collaborate closely with colleagues from multiple disciplines (health, nutrition, economics, geography, public policy) and mentor students in contributing knowledge to the planning profession. For more information on current students and their work, please visit:

    Next are current projects, selected academic publications and recent publications for practitioners.

    + Examining how changes to the physical attributes of the environment like the location of trails, bus routes, rail systems, food outlets, and supermarkets are related to changes in physical activity and diets using cohort data;

    + Studying how land management tools can be used to encourage transit oriented development, and related tools to recapture property value increases caused by public action;

    + Identifying and understanding the causes and consequences of the rapid increases in motorcycle ownership and use in Latin America, using in-depth interviews and user surveys.

    I also serve on the Editorial Board of five journals:  Journal of the American Planning Association, Journal of Transport and Land Use, Journal of Transport and Health, International Journal of Sustainable Mobility and Journal of Architectural Planning and Research.

    Recent Selected Publications

    (Click on each publication to access it, or click here for a complete list of publications)

    + Rodriguez, D. and J. Rogers. In press. Can Housing and Accessibility Information Influence Residential Location Choice and Travel Behavior? An Experimental Study. Environment and Planning B, 25 pages.

    + Hirsch, J., Moore, K. Diez-Roux, A., Evenson, K.R., Rodriguez, D. A. In press. Associations of Walk Score® with Walking in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 12 pages. (to access it click here)

    + Kaza, N., Lester, T.W., and Rodríguez. In press. The spatio-temporal clustering of green buildings in the United States. Urban Studies, 30 pages.

    +LaJeunesse, S. and Rodríguez, D.A. 2012. Mindfulness, time affluence, and journey-based affect: Exploring relationships, Transportation Research Part F, 15, 196-205.(to access it click here)

    + Rodríguez, D.A., Cho, G., Evenson, K.R., Conway, T.L., Cohen, D. Ghosh-Dastidar, B. Pickrell, J.L., Veblen-Morteson, S., Lytle, L., In press, Association of the outdoor built environment with physical activity behaviors of adolescent females, Health and Place, 18, 55-62. (to access it click here)

    + Rodríguez, D.A., Levine, J, and Weinstein, A. 2011. Can information promote transportation-friendly location decisions? A simulation experiment, Journal of Transport Geography, 19,2, 304-312. (to access it click here)

    + Rodriguez, D.A. and C.H. Mojica. 2009. Capitalization of BRT network expansions effects into prices of non-expansion areas, Transportation Research Part A, 43,5, 561-575. (to access it click here)

    + Rodríguez, D.A., Evenson, K.R., Diez-Roux, A. and Brines, S. 2009. Land use, residential density, and walking: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 37:5, 397-404. (to access it click here)

    Rodríguez, D.A., Estupiñan, N., and Brisson, E. 2009. The relationship between segment-level built environment attributes and pedestrian activity around Bogotá's BRT stations, Transportation Research Part D, 14:7, 470-478. (to access it click here)

    + Rodriguez, D.A., Aytur, S. A., Oakes, M. Forsyth, D. and Clifton K. 2008. Relation of modifiable neighborhood attributes to walking, Preventive Medicine, 47, 260-264. (to access it click here)

    + Rodríguez, D.A., Targa, F. and Aytur, S. 2006. Transportation implications of urban containment policies --A study of the largest 25 U.S. metropolitan areas, Urban Studies 43:10, 1879-1897. (to access it click here)

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