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    Philip Berke
    Adjunct Professor; Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Texas A&M University
    Dr. Berke teaches courses in land use and environmental planning and policy, environmental analysis and land use planning, and planning theory.


    PLAN 641: Ecology and Land Use Planning
    PLAN 704: Theory of Planning I
    PLAN 740: Land Use and Environmental Policy
    PLAN 741: Land Use and Environmental Planning

    Research and professional activities

    Dr. Berke is Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Texas A&M University.  He is also Adjunct Professor at the Bush School of Government, and Director, Institute for Sustainable Coastal Communities, Texas A&M University at College Station.

    The central focus of his research is to develop a deeper understanding of the connections between human settlements and the natural environment. His research seeks to explore the causes of land use decisions and their consequences on the environmental, social, and economic systems of human settlements. His ultimate goal is to seek solutions to complex urban development problems that enhance the transition to sustainable communities.

    Current research

    Berke’s current research projects address domestic and international issues in the areas of environmental impacts of urbanization, land use planning, natural hazard mitigation, environmental justice, and sustainable development. His research has been supported by the United Nations Division of Humanitarian Affairs, U.S. National Science Foundation, New Zealand Foundation for Research Science and Technology, Federal Emergency Management Agency, North Carolina Water Resources Research Institute, and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.


    Selected publications

    Recent Articles

    2014 - Berke, Philip, John Cooper, Meg Aminto, Shannon Grabech, and Jen Horney. Adaptive Planning for Disaster Recovery and Resiliency: An Evaluation of 87 Local Recovery Plans in Eight States, Journal of the American Planning Association 80(4): 310-323.

    2015 - Horney Jen, Simon Matt, Ricchetti-Masterson K, Berke, Philip, Resident Perception of Disaster Recovery Planning in New Hanover County, NC, International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment (forthcoming).

    2015 - Horney, Jen, Caroline Dwyer, Meg Aminto, Philip Berke, and Gavin Smith. Developing Indicators to Measure Post-disaster Community Recovery in the U.S. Disasters (forthcoming).

    2015 - Lyles, Ward, Philip Berke and Gavin Smith. Local Plan Implementation: Assessing Conformance and Influence of Local Hazard Plans in the United States, Environment and Planning B (forthcoming).

    Chapters in Books

    2014 - Song, Yan and Philip Berke. "Methods and Techniques to Create a Comprehensive Plans for Urban Sustainability,” in City Planning and Urban Sustainability, Ed. Richard Klosterman, London: University of Illinois Press (forthcoming).

    2015 - Berke, Philip and David Godschalk. “Best Practice Standards for Regional Land Use Planning: Evaluating Land Use Plan Quality. In The Dynamics of Land Use and Ecosystem Services; A Transatlantic, Multidisciplinary


    2006 - Berke, Philip, David Godschalk, and Edward Kaiser, with Daniel Rodríguez. Urban Land Use Planning, 5th Edition, University of Illinois Press, Chicago.

    2014 - Luettich, Rick, Greg Baecher, Susan Bell, Philip Berke, and others. Reducing Coastal Risk on the East and Gulf Coasts. National Academy Press, Washington, D.C.: 167 pp.

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