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    Searching for the Sweet Spot: A Planner's Memoir

    godschalksweetspot.jpgSearching for the Sweet Spot:
    A Planner's Memoir

    Searching for the Sweet Spot tells Dave Godschalk’s personal story. An urban planner intrigued with design, he shaped his life and work in response to outside events and emerging needs.

    Recall to active Navy duty during the 1961 Berlin Crisis led him from architecture to city planning. Loss of progressive political support took him from local government planning to university teaching and research. Uncontrolled urban sprawl caused him to focus on managing growth through comprehensive plans and development regulations. Burgeoning citizen participation and opposition that blocked even worthwhile development projects motivated him to teach consensus building and dispute resolution. Increasing natural hazards and climate change impacts inspired him to propose ways to build community resilience to flooding, sea level rise, and other shocks and disasters. In retirement, he turned his skills to campus and neighborhood planning, as well as watercolor painting. Along the way, he found deep satisfaction in searching for optimal city designs, artistic compositions, and fulfilling relationships.

    About the Author
    David R. (Dave) Godschalk is Professor Emeritus of City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He holds degrees from Dartmouth College, University of Florida, and University of North Carolina. A Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners, he has been a consultant, planning director, expert witness, registered architect (inactive) in the State of Florida, and a Navy Reserve destroyer skipper. He received the 2015 President’s Award from the American Planning Association for his Sustaining Places publications: The Role of the Comprehensive Plan (2012) and Best Practices in Comprehensive Planning (2015), along with his lifetime of advancing the best ideas in planning. Dr. Godschalk co-authored the popular text, Urban Land Use Planning. He has published books and articles on community resilience, growth management, land use planning, hazard mitigation, and dispute resolution.

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    Paperback: 102 pages
    Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 28, 2017)
    ISBN-10: 1544191154
    ISBN-13: 978-1544191157

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