Travis Crayton

Travis Crayton

Transportation Specialization

Internship at the John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

Travis found his internship at the Volpe Center from the Carolina Planning listserv. He met up with a student in the department who had interned there the summer before to talk about the experience, and after that conversation Travis knew working there would be a good fit.

The Volpe Center is a fee-for-service government agency that is a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Travis worked in the transportation planning division, where most of the work centered around transportation planning and related activities for other government agencies. He worked on projects for the Federal Railroad Administration, developing guidance on intercity passenger rail service planning, and the Federal Transit Administration on transit automation.

Working at Volpe allowed Travis to contribute to high-level planning projects that were policy-driven, a dimension of planning that does always get a lot of focus. This experience helped him better contextualize how transportation planning occurs at all levels of government and gave him a better systemic understanding of the planning work that planners carry out every day.

In Travis’ words, “I had a wonderful time working at Volpe and spending the summer in Boston. I’m also very appreciative that I was able to spend the summer working on interesting, innovative projects with fantastic coworkers—having a supportive and exciting work environment makes such a huge difference in enjoying the work that you do.”


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