Ying Su

Ying Su

Transportation Planning specialization

Intern at the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE)

Ying Su found her internship with ITRE through a hiring email sent to the department. Part of the position description focused on big data analysis, which had been an interest of Ying’s for quite some time. She had a good feeling that this internship would be a great fit for her and decided to apply.

One project Ying had the pleasure of working on this summer was a literature review about transit fair models, with a focus on pass card ownership. Another project she really enjoyed was cleaning and processing data from the transit on board survey, as well as calculating expansion weights for the Triangle’s regional demand model’s validation and calibration. This project also taught her a lot about how to deal with missing data and making assumptions to fill those knowledge gaps.

This experience confirmed for Ying that she is very interested in big data analysis and transportation modeling. She feels thankful that this internship gave her the opportunity to become more familiar with the mechanisms of travel demand models and improve her TransCAD and data analysis skills.

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