Dr. Thomas' travel pictures of Yinchuan, China

Carolina Planning’s Dr. Allie Thomas took part in the 14th annual ICARDC Meeting on “Urbanization and Rural-Urban Integration: New Forms of Inclusion and Exclusion.”

She presented on urban villages in Jinan. The meeting took place in Yinchuan, capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, located in northwest China. Yinchuan also has a bus rapid transit line which it plans to expand in the next year. The city is rapidly developing but you can still catch a nice night market!

Dr. Thomas studies how best practices travel the globe and where they land. She uses ethnographic research methods to understand how “best practices” in transportation are adopted (or not) in developing economies, such as China, focusing on planners. Her US-based work focuses on electric bicycles and family travel. She is semi-fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has extensive experience living in China.

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