Michael Webb, left, and William Rohe

A faculty-led team working on a product to help people outside the University will receive a C. Felix Harvey Award to Advance Institutional Priorities at Carolina.  Funding from the award will help support the creation of an app to help low-income people find safe, affordable housing.  The Housing Opportunity Finder is a web app that will assist people in Orange and Durham counties, and is being created through Carolina’s Center for Urban and Regional Studies by William Rohe, director, and Michael Webb, senior research associate (pictured left).

Rohe said that the web app will “scrape” affordable apartment listings and present listings in high-opportunity neighborhoods with low crime and good schools first. The web app is being developed in partnership with community groups like the Community Empowerment Fund and Durham Housing Authority.

C. Felix Harvey Awards are given to the faculty member or members whose proposed project best applies humanities and/or social sciences methods or approaches in innovative ways that create a measurable impact on a problem.


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