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ITE, or Institute of Transportation Engineers, is an international organization that supports career development for transportation professionals and produces technical resources on industry standards and best practices. Not only intended for engineers, the organization welcomes anyone who works to improve mobility and safety to create livable communities. The group was founded in 1930 and has 16,000 members in 90 countries. There are over 100 student chapters in the US, and UNC Chapel Hill just became the 4th chapter in North Carolina.

Why did we start an ITE student chapter at Carolina Planning? 
The North Carolina Section of ITE (NCSITE) is an influential transportation organization in North Carolina, with experienced professionals who are passionate about sharing knowledge with students. NCSITE leadership reached out to DCRP transportation students through our faculty adviser, Leta Huntsinger, to see if we were interested in founding the first student chapter of planners in the state. We were, and saw this as a great way to expand our knowledge of engineering and bring a planner’s perspective to cutting-edge discussions in the field.
Who can get involved, do I have to be an engineer?
ITE is open to all transportation professionals, including engineers, planners, consultants, researchers, and educators. The UNC Chapel Hill ITE chapter welcomes undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline who are excited about improving mobility and curious to learn about transportation careers. To learn more and take part, contact us at:
Who will I meet?
The state chapter’s leadership team is made up of local engineers and planners who work at public agencies and private firms. Learning from their diverse experiences has been a huge asset and we look forward to continue engaging with them. Leta Huntsinger, the chapter’s faculty adviser, is a transportation consultant and UNC professor of practice. She has been instrumental in helping us make connections with local professionals. The chapter has worked closely with the North Carolina Section of ITE last semester to host a career panel and networking social event.
What project or activities can students get involved in?
We have many programs in the works for the coming semester. There has been particular interest in more career panels, as well as office and site visits to learn about local firms and projects. We plan to have some technical talks on engineering topics so students can become more familiar with these essential transportation concepts. There will also be opportunities to participate in local transportation political advocacy, as well as social and volunteer events with other North Carolina chapters. The annual NCSITE meeting in Raleigh is available to all students, with some spaces available at regional and national ITE conferences as well. And any student who likes trivia is encouraged to help launch our quiz bowl team!
To learn more and take part, contact us at:
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