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DCRP faculty member Danielle Spurlock
Congratulations Dr. Spurlock! The UNC Center for Public Service recently announced the graduation of the Class VII Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholars (FES). The FES program brings together selected faculty from across campus to engage in a two-year experiential, competency-based curriculum designed to advance their engaged scholarship.
“I have felt supported by the Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholar program’s emphasis on respectful community engagement. Everyone is part of a community, and everyone serves one another. Thorp challenges my colleagues and me to go that extra level.”
Assistant Professor, Danielle Spurlock collaborated with Communities in Partnership, a nonprofit in Old East Durham, and researchers from Duke University and North Carolina State University to examine how information elicited from nontraditional engagement techniques can shape local agenda-setting and policymaking. She investigated the engagement processes looking at the potential to change how planning elicits and incorporates information from community stakeholders into land use and environmental policies that address green gentrification, displacement and health disparities.
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