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We are thrilled to announce the 2021 winners of two DCRP Awards!


Saumitra (Shomi) Sinha won the Best TA Award! Shomi was granted this award based on the nominations submitted by the graduating MCRP class. Below are some of the student quotes included in his nomination:

Shomi worked extremely hard to support students in his role as TA for the introduction economics course. He gave detailed feedback on homework, prepared detailed and helpful recitations, and would go above and beyond in providing additional office hours to help students.

It was clear that Saumitra really cared about student learning. He provided meaningful feedback and took the time to make sure everyone understood the concepts.

Fern Hickey won the Chatterjee Excellence Award. From Fern’s advisor:

Fern has done a terrific job managing the demands of Zoom-graduate school with all the other challenges of pandemic life. In addition to being engaged and diligent in her coursework, she is a self-starter and has developed relationships on campus and beyond to dive deeper into her areas of interest. Her proactive approach has paid off with some great opportunities over the summer, and we look forward to continuing to see her thrive next year.


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