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The dual degree program in environmental management and urban planning is the first of its kind, uniting two top-ranked programs to offer students a unique and highly sought-after mix of skills and knowledge and prepare them for a wide range of exciting careers in the private and public sectors, including environmental policy and finance, renewable energy, and urban sustainability.

Who is this for?

Students who want to develop the technical and analytical skills needed to become leaders in urban sustainability, resilience, and environmental stewardship.

How does it work?

Students must apply and be admitted to both the MCRP program at UNC and the MEM program at Duke independently.  Students will earn both degrees in three years of study- one year at Duke, one year at UNC and the third year will be a mix.

Course sequencing

How do I apply?

Priority deadline Dec 15, 2020
Regular deadline Jan 15, 2021

Deadline Jan 12, 2021

MEM – Promotional flyer