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The primary goal of this dual-degree program is to prepare students interested in the environment, cities, and development to apply expertise in these topics to real world decision-making and leadership roles in the public, non-profit and private sectors. This dual-degree aligns with the UNC’s mission to facilitate student success by providing a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to take classes in on of the top-ranked graduate planning programs in the United States.

UNC undergraduate students are increasingly seeking educational opportunities that provide them with a clear career path. This dual degree program allows students to integrate an (BA/BS) undergraduate education in social and environmental sciences with the practical-skills needed to launch a career in city planning.

Challenges related to climate change, environmental injustice, and inequities in access to housing, healthcare, jobs and education are driving demand for highly prepared professionals in City and Regional Planning.  Planners work in communities across the globe, helping realize greener, smarter transportation systems, managing disaster preparedness and responses, driving climate adaptation initiatives, improving access to housing and jobs, and guiding development towards more equitable outcomes for communities of all sizes.


  • safer and greener transportation networks
  • to protect communities from the impacts of climate change
  • to learn how to create equitable economic growth and provide affordable housing
  • to shape the future of cities and regions by creating sustainable, vibrant, and equitable communities
  • to leave UNC with a graduate degree from a top-ranked program to launch you into a focused, in-demand career path


  • You can complete this dual degree with any major at UNC
  • You do not have to pursue a minor in Planning (but planning is awesome, so you should really consider it!)
  • You can finish both degrees in as little as 5 years
  • You will start taking graduate-level planning courses in your third year at UNC
  • You will apply for pre-admission to the MCRP program in your third year at UNC
  • You will need a letter of recommendation from Carolina Planning faculty to be admitted
  • You will not need to pay a graduate-school application fee
  • You will not need to take the GREs

Additional MCRP graduation requirements

In their final year in the program, MCRP students are required to complete a Master’s Project as well as a client-based Planning Workshop. Both of these requirements are also credit-bearing courses, already accounted for in the sample plan above. Additionally, while not required, most MCRP students complete an internship in the summer before their last year in the program. Students in the dual-degree would also be strongly encouraged to pursue an internship.

HS/TRANSFER/EXAM2828Application/admission to UNC
FALL YEAR 214.514.5
SPRING YEAR 215.515.5
FALL YEAR 312315Declaration of intent to complete dual degree
SPRING YEAR 310414Conditional pre-admission to MCRP, advising meeting
FALL YEAR 410616Application to MCRP, completion of UGRAD requirements
SPRING YEAR 41212Formal start of MCRP Program
SPRING YEAR 51213Graduation with Bachelor's and MCRP!


Program Coordinator: Sandra Lazo De La Vega

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Andrew Whittemore