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Tracks are packages of courses can be taken as electives along with the specializations. Tracks do not require additional credit hours to graduate, but instead can be built in a student’s course plan as elective courses that are also used to meet general program requirements. There is no formal application process to take the courses within a track and tracks are not noted in official transcripts. Currently, Real Estate Development and Design are offered as tracks. Courses in the Natural Hazards and Resilience certificate sequence could be completed as a track without registering for additional credits, if the student does not desire a certificate.

Design Track

The design track emphasizes site-level physical planning that enables students to become effective placemakers by promoting sustainable development that is aesthetically enriching.

The course sequence includes:
PLAN 651 – Urban Design
PLAN 752 – Site Planning
PLAN 757 – Historic Preservation OR PLAN 745 – Development Impact Assessment

Faculty contact: Prof. Andrew Whittemore

Real Estate Development Track

The real estate track focuses on the planning, development, and redevelopment of the city as a physical entity. The tracks prepares students to become conversant in the development process, contributing to the creation of urban environments that are healthful, equitable, and sustainable.

The course sequence includes:
PLAN 765 – Real Estate Development
PLAN 760 – Affordable Housing
PLAN 776 – Development Finance OR MBA 826 OR PLAN 771 – Development Planning Techniques OR PLAN 770 – Economic Development Policy OR PLAN 752 – Site Planning OR PLAN 773 – Urban & Regional Development Seminar OR MBA 852.

Faculty contact: Prof. Emil Malizia

Natural Hazards Resilience Track

The natural hazards resilience certificate courses train researchers and practitioners who can help the public, non-profit and private sectors become more resilient in the face of natural hazards and disasters and adapt to the effects of a changing climate.

The course sequence includes:
PLAN754 – Natural Hazards Speakers Series (1 credit)
PLAN 755 – Planning for Natural Hazards and Climate Change Adaptation
PLAN 756 – Survey of Natural Hazards and Disasters
1 elective (approved by the advisor)

Faculty contact: Miyuki Hino