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    Undergraduate Minor

    The Department of City and Regional (DCRP)  offers an undergraduate minor in Urban Studies and Planning in addition to first-year seminars. PLAN 246 and PLAN 247 are introductory courses open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

    Students in any department or curriculum at the University can elect the Minor in Urban Studies and Planning. The Minor is offered through the Department of City and Regional Planning and consists of five courses. Should you have any questions, please contact Prof. Meenu Tewari (the director of undergraduate studies).


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    Students are required to take two core courses: PLAN 246 and 247.
    PLAN 246/247 is a sequence of courses that introduces students to the structure and function of cities and ways planners solve urban problems. Please check Connect Carolina for a up to date listing on when these courses are offered.

    PLAN 246 Cities of the Future [sample syllabus]
    PLAN 247
    Solving Urban Problems [sample syllabus]

    In addition to the core curriculum in the Minor, students choose three additional planning courses. Students can select any other planning course with permission of the instructor after completing PLAN 246/247. These courses enable students to develop knowledge in a planning specialization, such as land-use/environmental planning or transportation planning; or, students may use this opportunity to develop a better understanding of cross-cutting planning issues, such as planning ethics or international issues. Some courses that are routinely available to undergraduates are listed below. Instructor permission is required where specified.

    300 - 600 level Courses (* is with instructor permission)

    • PLAN 260/PLCY 73 Urban Policy
    • PLAN 267 267 Ethical Bases of Public Policy Decision-Making
    • PLAN 317 Introduction to Site Planning and Urban Design
    • PLAN 326/PLCY 326 Social Ventures
    • PLAN 330/ENST 330 Principles of Sustainability
    • PLAN 420/ENST 420 Green Architecture & Community Design
    • PLAN 428/GEOG 428 Cities in a globalizing World
    • PLAN 491/GEOG 491 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
    • PLAN 591 Advanced Geographic Information Systems (*)
    • PLAN 547 Energy, Transportation & Land Use
    • PLAN 575 Real Estate Development
    • PLAN 585/PLCY 585/ENVR 585/ ENST 585 Environmental Management and Policy  (*)
    • PLAN 636 Urban Transportation Planning
    • PLAN 637 Public Transportation (*)
    • PLAN 638 Pedestrian and Bike Transportation (*)
    • PLAN 641 Ecology and Land Use Planning (*)
    • PLAN 663 Diversity & Inequality in Cities (*)
    • PLAN 685/ENVR 685 Water Policy in Lesser Developed Countries (*)

    700 level Courses (instructor permission is required)

    • PLAN 714 Urban Spatial Structure
    • PLAN 721 Advanced Planning Methods
    • PLAN 722 Systems Thinking and Modeling for Planners
    • PLAN 735/PUBA 735) Community Revitalization applied
    • PLAN 740 Land use and Environmental Policy
    • PLAN 741 Land use and Environmental Planning
    • PLAN 745 Development Impact Assessment
    • PLAN 755 Planning for Natural Hazards and Climate Change Adaption
    • PLAN 756 Survey of Natural Hazards and Disasters
    • PLAN 760 Real Estate & Affordable Housing
    • PLAN 761 Housing & Public Policy
    • PLAN 762 Central City Revitalization
    • PLAN 770 Economic Development Policy
    • PLAN 771 Development Planning Techniques
    • PLAN 773 Urban & Regional Development Seminar
    • PLAN 774 Planning for Jobs
    • PLAN 787/PUBA 787) Applied Environmental Finance: How to Pay for Environmental Services

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