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    Financial Assistance


    Applying for financial aid

    Applicants to the Department of City and Regional Planning are eligible for several types of fellowships and assistantships: (1) awards made by the department; (2) university awards for which applicants to the department are considered; and (3) awards made by outside agencies for which applicants to the department are considered.

    Applications for departmental financial aid and Graduate School fellowships are made on the admission application form. All applications for aid will automatically be considered for all sources of aid for which they qualify; the student does not have to apply separately for each. However, applicants' qualifications for awards requiring specific program interests or skills must be adequately documented in their applications in order to be considered for these sources of aid.

    The DCRP deadline for departmental funding:
    MCRP: December 16, 2014
    December 16, 2014

    Applying for university aid

    In addition to fellowships and assistantships awarded through the Department of City and Regional Planning and the Graduate School, significant levels of support are provided to graduate students by the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid. A separate application for assistance is required. It is extremely important for graduate students to complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) so that it will be on file prior to the time when a loan or work study employment is needed. The priority filing date is March 1. Forms and additional information can be obtained from the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid, Campus Box 2300, Vance Hall, UNC-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-2300, or call 919/962-8396. The FAFSA is also available from most college and university financial aid offices.

    Awards made through the department

    Department of City and Regional Planning Assistantships and Fellowships for masters students provide up to $11,100 to incoming students with outstanding undergraduate records and the potential for making significant contributions to the planning profession. Doctoral Assistantships and Fellowships provide up to $18,000 in financial support for each Ph.D. student admitted to the department. The department's policy is to provide this support to doctoral students for the first two years of study, after which virtually every student retains financial support by working with a faculty adviser on a sponsored research project or by teaching.

    The following examples indicate some of the financial aid opportunities:

    John A. Parker Fellowship, funded by the John A. Parker Trust, was created by alumni and friends of the department in honor of its founder and first chairman, John A. Parker. An award of up to $10,000 is made to a second-year student with high potential for contribution to the department.

    The Louise Venable Coker Prize is a $200 cash award presented for the most outstanding Masters Project completed by a second-year student in the department (awarded at graduation).

    Robert E. Stipe Assistantship in Historic Preservation provides $10,000 in support to a student with career interests in historic preservation and its application to land use planning, urban revitalization, or real estate development.

    Transportation Management Internships, jointly sponsored by the North Carolina State Department of Transportation and local transportation operators, provides work and learning opportunities. Interns receive a stipend for the academic year and a salary for summer work.

    Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships, provided through state funds as well as through research grants and contracts to the Center for Urban and Regional Studies and Institute for Economic Development, pay up to $11,100 per year.

    Students who are awarded departmental teaching/research assistantships may be recommended for a special tuition rate as part of the award package. The special tuition rate enables out-of-state students who will be performing specified assistantship duties to pay similar tuition to that of resident students. In-state tuition awards are also available

    University Awards
    Graduate School Fellowships pay up to $22,000 for the academic year plus tuition benefits. Graduate School Merit Assistantships pay up to $18,000 for the academic year plus tuition benefits.

    Awards made by outside agencies
    A number of governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations provide internships for planning students during the academic year and summer. An example of such an award is the Downtown Housing Improvement Corporation of Raleigh, N.C., which provides an internship during the academic year and summer employment with the corporation working on nonprofit housing programs and projects. Another example is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which provides well paid work-study experience programs for students in agencies nearby Chapel Hill and also provides supplementary money for tuition and academic expenses. The students and administrative staff of the Department are presently collaborating on maintaining an inventory of internship and job placement opportunities.

    Fees and expenses

    Tuition and fees are due at registration. Failure to pay at the proper time will result in a late payment fee and the student's possible dis-enrollment.

    An applicant who has been offered admission reserves his or her place by the payment of a $250 enrollment deposit which is credited toward the first semester's tuition. If he or she fails to withdraw the application prior to May 1, the deposit is forfeited.  The University reserves the right to make, with the approval of the proper authorities, changes in tuition and other fees at any time.

    Students in the department should be prepared to meet expenses that may occur in connection with various courses. These may include the cost of supplies, occasional travel to nearby communities, typing, photo-duplication, and materials for presentations.

    Student loan funds

    General loan funds, including the federal loan program, are available to graduate students. University loan funds are announced in the University catalog. Students interested in applying for loans should contact the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid Office, Campus Box 2300, Vance Hall, UNC-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-2300 or call 919/962-8396.

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