Women of DCRP

January 27, 2020

Providing support & connection for the women-identifying students and alumni of Carolina Planning

We’re Everywhere!

January 15, 2020

“We’re Everywhere!”: The Social, Political and Economic Life of LGBTQ+ Communities. Since the end of the Second World War, if not before, more and more cities of the United States have come to feature spaces identified by members of LGBTQ … Continued

Genesis at Work

January 6, 2020

New Report Finds “Good Jobs” Strategies Improved Profitability and Growth for Manufacturing Firms

ITE Student Chapter at Carolina Planning

December 20, 2019

ITE, or Institute of Transportation Engineers, is an international organization that supports career development for transportation professionals and produces technical resources on industry standards and best practices. Not only intended for engineers, the organization welcomes anyone who works to improve … Continued

Resiliency Urbanism

December 17, 2019

Tales of Climate Adaptation from Four Indian Cities: India’s massive urban transition is happening at the same time as dramatic climate change.

Housing Opportunity Finder

December 9, 2019

The Problem: Nationwide, many of the 2.2 million families with Section 8 vouchers struggle to find affordable housing, especially in high-opportunity neighborhoods with low crime, good schools, and access to jobs. In Durham County, the average voucher family spends 120 … Continued

A summer at Fehr & Peers in Los Angeles

December 9, 2019

As a Master’s Student studying transportation planning, I was fortunate to intern at Fehr & Peers Transportation Consultants in Los Angeles, California this summer. It was a jam-packed three months of learning, exploring, and new experiences. The commute alone exposed … Continued