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Opposition to Housing in a Suburban County

October 28, 2019

“Zoning outcomes do focus on reduction of harm to property owners, but more often serve as vehicles for the preservation and even elevation of homeowners’ wealth by charging developers with producing the highest quality product that they can market,” says … Continued

State of the Department Social

September 9, 2019

Thank you to everyone that attended our “State of the Department” social. It was a great opportunity to get together for a quick update on the department’s goals, meet new faculty faces, and learn about our student organizations. Plus, cake! … Continued

Economies that work for all

September 6, 2019

Nichola Lowe is a professor in the Department of City & Regional Planning within the UNC College of Arts & Sciences. Her research unpacks the processes and practices that contribute to more equitable forms of regional economic development and labor … Continued

Supercharge your planning career with APA

August 29, 2019

APA membership connects young planners to their communities and the professional world while in school. It provides career services, information about industry trends, and most importantly networking with fellow members and future employers. Become a student APA member for free … Continued

How does Uber & Lyft impact accident & DUI rates?

August 29, 2019

Eleftheria “Ria” Kontou is a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of City and Regional Planning within the UNC College of Arts & Sciences. She uses transportation models to uncover whether ride-sourcing platforms like Uber and Lyft affect city road … Continued

Award-winning Viet Nam regional plan

July 22, 2019

Dr. Mai Nguyen, an Associate Professor at Carolina Planning, was part of an international team that collaborated with the Viet Nam Institute for Urban and Rural Planning (VIUP) to develop a regional plan for Viet Nam. Nguyen served as the … Continued

Transit in the Era of Shared Mobility

June 6, 2019

There are several conflicting trends in the rapidly changing transportation market, which are impacting transit ridership is varying ways. Transportation Network Companies have the potential to reduce or replace the need for auto ownership and may serve some populations better … Continued