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COP26 From a Planning Lens

Introduction During the first two weeks of November, the 26th annual UN Conference of Parties (COP26) took place in Glasgow Scotland. Through support from the UNC Department of Public Policy and the D … Read more

What is good Hazard Governance?

Hazards are complex problems, at times with overlapping events.

Elevating resilience planning to protect communities

Fern Hickey is a master’s student specializing in Land Use and Environmental Planning

There is immense value in having the PIRS integrated into planning training.

Building resilience for storm-battered N.C.

DCRP faculty member Todd BenDor

Carolina researchers created a plan to help vulnerable communities weather future storms.

BenDor named distinguished chair of sustainable community design

Dr. Todd BenDor

The distinguished chair position can help foster research partnerships and engagement with all of those who are interested in the environment.

Sustainable Development and Natural Hazards

Miyuki Hino image

Measuring how climate change affects different social and economic outcomes, Dr. Hino works on increasing community resilience to the impacts of climate change.

Conversation with Noah Kittner on Energy Systems

Dr. Noah Kittner

My research focuses on planning for sustainable, resilient and equitable energy systems at multiple scales.

An Infrastructure Package Could Help America’s Economy — and the Environment

DCRP faculty member Todd BenDor

A massive infrastructure push wouldn’t merely put Americans back to work, but if implemented correctly could also clean up the environment.

Berke to lead Center for Resilient Communities & Environment

Philip Berke

Berke’s vision for the center will be to collaborate with faculty and students from across campus and to engage communities.

Learning about UNC’s district energy system

Amy Sechrist

How does UNC heat, cool and power more than 175 buildings on campus?