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Conversation with Noah Kittner on Energy Systems

Dr. Noah Kittner

My research focuses on planning for sustainable, resilient and equitable energy systems at multiple scales.

An Infrastructure Package Could Help America’s Economy — and the Environment

DCRP faculty member Todd BenDor

A massive infrastructure push wouldn’t merely put Americans back to work, but if implemented correctly could also clean up the environment.

Berke to lead Center for Resilient Communities & Environment

Philip Berke

Berke’s vision for the center will be to collaborate with faculty and students from across campus and to engage communities.

Learning about UNC’s district energy system

Amy Sechrist

How does UNC heat, cool and power more than 175 buildings on campus?

Resilience Scorecard

Philip Berke

Assessing the degree to which the network of local plans target geographic areas most prone to hazards and evaluate the coordination of those local plans.

Reflections on new roles in disaster response

Alex Halloway

Students engage with leaders at RISE conference

Resiliency Urbanism

Meenu Tewari

Tales of Climate Adaptation from Four Indian Cities: India’s massive urban transition is happening at the same time as dramatic climate change.

Better Modeling the Demand for Water

Ahmed Rachid El-Khattabi

Each year, The Graduate School honors graduate students in programs throughout our University for their powerful discoveries that contribute to a better future for people and communities in North Caro … Continued

Agent-Based Modeling

Dr. Todd BenDor

Conflict is a major facet of many environmental challenges of our time. However, growing conflict complexity makes it more difficult to identify win-win strategies for sustainable conflict resolution. … Continued

New name, new emphasis, for environmental program

Noreen McDonald speacking with DCRP students

A new interdisciplinary program in Environment, Ecology and Energy, E3P, will leverage the College’s strengths in natural sciences, social sciences and humanities to teach students how to best manage … Continued