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    What is a planning class at DCRP like?

    Below is a photo essay to give you a feeling for what a classroom session at DCRP is like.  In this case we visited Assistant Professor Todd Bendor’s  PLAN 641: Ecology and Land Use Planning.

    Course description

    PLAN 641: Ecology and Land Use Planning
    This course focuses on understanding the functions of ecosystems, how land development activities impact such functions, and how land use management tools can be used to create impact mitigation and restoration strategies. The functions, threats, and protection strategies of watersheds and wetlands will be examined.

    A key theme throughout the course will be to explore how the scientific knowledge of ecological relationships can be integrated into a land-use planning framework. The fundamental goal is to assure natural ecosystem integrity is sustained over the long-term, while accommodating human use and occupancy within natural ecological limits.



    More information

    photo of

    Todd BenDor, Assistant Professor

    My research uses computer modeling and spatial analysis to better understand the impacts that human activities and development can have on sensitive ecological and environmental systems. Teaching at DCRP has given me a unique opportunity to teach an array of courses at a variety of levels – from college freshmen to Ph.D students. 

    I also get the opportunity to advise some incredibly talented graduate students in turning ideas and questions into meaningful, substantive, and applied research.

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