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This course provides a detailed introduction to the topic of travel demand modeling and the TransCAD modeling software. Regional travel demand models are the primary tool used to assess transportation infrastructure investments in the United States and are a key component of long‐range transportation plans. Results from these models have the potential to influence billions of dollars in transportation spending each year. This course will help you become a sophisticated consumer of model data and prepare you to work with (or challenge) model output as planners, consultants, and advocates. The course also provides a strong foundation for students that want to pursue a career in travel demand modeling.

At the end of this course you will:

  • understand the current state of practice and art in transportation modeling,
  • understand critical assumptions of the models and how these assumptions influence model predictions,
  • be familiar with and able to use TransCAD software, and
  • understand critiques of the four‐step modeling approach and identify alternate approaches to selecting transportation investments.