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    The Department of City and Regional Planning welcomes students, faculty, staff, and all visitors regardless of race, religion, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, or disability status. The more reflective of society’s diversity the department is, the better we are.

    Diversity at DCRP

    studentsreadingroom700.jpgDCRP is committed to improving the quality of campus life by valuing the total diversity of the people who live and work among us. As part of this effort, a Diversity Committee was created within DCRP. The goals of the committee are to integrate diversity into the   undergraduate and graduate  curricula, to support and encourage the   recruitment of a diverse faculty  as well as a more diverse student   population. The committee also  strives to support students of color in   their academic, professional,  and personal development, and to provide  a  forum to discuss issues  related to communities of color. Associate Professor, Mai Nguyen is faculty diversity officer.


    Equal Opportunity at DCRP

    The university is particularly focused on fostering greater interaction and collaboration with diverse racial, ethnic, and religious communities.  DCRP reaffirms its policy of equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual  orientation, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled  veteran or Vietnam era veteran. This policy applies to all programs and  facilities, including, but not limited to, admissions, educational  programs, and employment.

    Plan for ALL

    Plan for All is a sub-committee of the DCRP student governing body, Planners Forum, whose mission is to increase inclusivity, equity, diversity, and social justice, both within DCRP and within the broader planning profession. Plan for All addresses issues related to race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, non-traditional students (and more) by inviting speakers and hosting workshops about relevant topics and holding “informal conversations” to foster dialogue among students about equity and diversity. In 2016, Plan for All established a review of DCRP curricula based on inclusion/diversity criteria, both in terms of author representation and topics covered in courses, and created an award that recognizes outstanding student research related to Plan for All’s mission. To learn more about Plan for All, check out our website and Facebook page!
    Contact: Ashton Rohmer dcrp.planforall [at]


    Stigma Free Carolina is a UNC community campaign aimed at reducing stigma toward mental health concerns and treatment. By accurately defining mental health, educating the community, and dispelling negative or false beliefs about mental health and its treatment we can help everyone be their best selves and reach their full potential.

    Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

    Diversity and Multicultural Affairs is a unit in the Division of Workforce Strategy, Equity, and Engagement and serves as the diversity arm of the University. DMA has the responsibility of providing university-wide leadership in building and sustaining an inclusive campus community that values and respects all members of the university community and beyond.

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