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Dr. Noah Kittner

Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Specialization: Land Use and Environmental Planning
157 Rosenau Hall
(919) 962-0995

Accepting PhD students

Dr. Kittner’s research focuses on planning for sustainable, resilient, and equitable energy systems at multiple scales – from distributed mini-grids to municipal and regional electricity generation. His current projects range from modeling the role of energy storage in reaching California’s zero-carbon electricity target for 2045 to the public health impacts of continued reliance on coal and fossil-fuels. In DCRP, Dr. Kittner is teaching PLAN 390 – Sustainable Energy Systems in Fall 2020. He holds appointments in Environmental Sciences and Engineering in the School of Public Health and the interdisciplinary Environment, Ecology, and Energy Program (E3P).



Conversation with Noah Kittner on Energy Systems

Deploy diverse renewables to save tropical rivers

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Affiliations: Center for Community Capital, Environment - Ecology & Energy Program (E3P)