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Associate Professor; Associate Chair, MCRP Program Director

Specialization: Land Use and Environmental Planning
313 New East

Accepting PhD students

Dr. Andrew H. Whittemore is an Associate Professor at DCRP teaching in the Land Use and Environmental Planning specialization. Dr. Whittemore’s research focuses on urban form, planning history, planning theory, land use planning, and zoning, primarily in the United States. He especially focuses on zoning’s influence on the built form of US cities and the politics associated with zoning decisions. He principally uses archival and ethnographic methods to explore questions about why local communities make the zoning decisions they do. He has published on the history of zoning and land use politics in Los Angeles, the FHA’s impact on local zoning, redevelopment politics in conservative contexts, the uses and politics of planned unit development, the role of racial bias in zoning decisions, the history of American urban form, and planning theory with a focus on phenomenological or humanist procedural approaches to planning.
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Affiliations: Center for Urban and Regional Studies