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The Concord Downtown Development Corporation (CDDC) is seeking a qualified Executive
Director to begin work July 1, 2018, immediately following the end of the term of the existing
Executive Director’s contract. Deadline for submitting resumes is 5:00 pm EST, Friday, February
23, 2018.

Concord is the county seat of Cabarrus County and the second largest city in the Charlotte
Metropolitan Area. Of the state’s fifteen largest cities, the biggest growth rate recently was
in Concord, growing 2.56 percent, and with a population of 89,891 is now larger than Asheville.
Recently Money Magazine ranked Concord as the 38th best place to live in the United States.
Concord has been an active Main Street community since 1990 and is accredited by both North
Carolina Main Street and the National Main Street Center. Since becoming a Main Street
community, Downtown Concord has experienced over $180 million in combined public/private
sector investment, the second highest level of investment of more than sixty North Carolina
Main Street communities.

Downtown Concord is comprised of approximately one million square feet of leasable space
with more than 180 active businesses, including shops, restaurants, professional offices,
galleries, and theatres. It is home to the offices of both Cabarrus County and the City of
Concord governmental centers, as well as the Cabarrus County Courthouse. The workday
population is estimated at approximately 1,200 employees. In addition, the district has twenty-
eight market-rate apartments, with an additional forty coming ready for occupancy this spring.

The CDDC is a 501c6 private non-profit organization managed by an eleven-member board of
directors. It is under contract with the City of Concord as a third-party agency receiving
Municipal Service District (MSD) tax dollars as compensation for providing downtown
management services. The CDDC has diversified funding sources which include funds from the
City of Concord (26%), Cabarrus County (8%), and MSD taxes (37%), with the balance of funds
raised by the CDDC primarily through sponsorships and event income (29%).

The Executive Director is supported by a part-time Administrative Assistant and a full-time
Marketing Coordinator. There are four active standing committees (Organization, Promotions,
Design and Beautification, and Business Development) that meet monthly. Each spring the
CDDC conducts an annual planning process where the Economic Development Implementation
Plan is updated to revise goals, objectives, and actions that support the three economic vitality

1. Establish Downtown Concord as the creative center of the city.
2. Establish Downtown Concord as the place where the community comes together.
3. Establish Downtown Concord as the location of the city’s most distinct venues for the
arts and entertainment, dining, recreation, parties and receptions, and meeting spaces.

Current and Future Emphasis

As with many downtowns across the nation, Downtown Concord has been rebuilding since the
economic recession of 2008. Over the last seven years we have seen a sharp reduction in
vacancy rates for first-floor spaces, from seventeen percent in 2010 to less than nine percent in
January of 2018. The organization has moved sharply toward an economic development focus
that has resulted in significant new investment within the district.

Activities have included:
– Recruiting a developer to purchase and redevelop three properties (the district’s “white
elephants”) totaling over 90,000 square feet
– Updating the CDDC website to serve as one-stop shopping for information on grants,
properties for sale/lease, and pertinent studies including parking study, urban design
study, and market study
– Proactively working with financial institutions to move properties that have gone
through foreclosure into the hands of capable property owners
– Developing a robust social media and marketing program that supports the retention of
existing businesses while recruiting new businesses that are a beneficial addition to the
existing business mix
– Building strong working relationships with City of Concord staff who are directly
involved in economic development efforts

The CDDC has all intentions of continuing to work as a leading economic development agency
under the leadership of the new Executive Director and is seeking an individual who has the
skills and knowledge to produce positive economic results within the Downtown Concord MSD.

Duties of the CDDC Executive Director
The Executive Director is responsible for coordinating activity within Downtown Concord that
utilizes historic preservation as an integral foundation for downtown economic development.

He/She is responsible for the development, conduct, execution, and documentation of the
Concord Main Street program. The Executive Director is the principal on-site staff person
responsible for coordinating all program activities locally, as well as for representing the
community regionally and nationally as appropriate. In addition, the Executive Director should
help guide the organization as it grows and as its objectives evolve. Specific responsibilities
include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Supervise the CDDC support staff, including conducting annual performance evaluations
– Develop and retain strong working relationships with downtown stakeholders, including
property owners, business owners, and residents
– Develop and retain strong working relationships with City and County staff, as well as
directors of partnering organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, EDC, and the
Cabarrus County Convention and Visitors Bureau
– Develop and manage the annual CDDC budget in coordination with the CDDC Treasurer
– Manage monthly meetings of the CDDC Board of Directors and standing committees
– Assist in the recruitment of directors and committee members as needed
– Conduct the annual strategic planning session and revise the Economic Development Implementation Plan
– Review and approve the monthly financial reports prepared by the Administrative
Assistant, and assist with the annual financial review conducted by a local CPA

– Retain existing relationships with sponsors while fostering additional relationships that
result in meeting or exceeding the budget for sponsorships as part of the CDDC’s budget
– Organize and conduct the CDDC’s Annual Party

– Support the staff in carrying out the existing calendar of events
– Provide input on existing events that includes assessing the effectiveness of events and making recommendations to improve the existing events while determining which events no longer support the current economic vitality strategies
– Assist the Marketing Coordinator with the CDDC’s social media campaigns
– Assist the Marketing Coordinator with management of the CDDC’s website, working closely with the website hosting contractor

– Assist the Design and Beautification Division Committee in reviewing grant applications that fall under the committee’s responsibility to approve
– Work with property owners and business owners to encourage thoughtful and
appropriate design improvements that meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation
– Work with city and county staff on public improvements being considered for the MSD
– Provide staff support for specific design improvement projects that are developed through the Design and Beautification Division Committee

Business Development:
– Assist the Business Development Division Committee in reviewing grant applications
that fall under the committee’s responsibility to approve
– Maintain a data base of available spaces and properties
– Field inquiries for available business locations and properties for sale, connecting
interested parties to the appropriate contacts to facilitate leasing and purchasing
– Stay abreast of resources and programs that support business recruitment and business
– Work with developers in navigating the development process, serving as an
advocate/liaison with elected officials and city/county staff as necessary to facilitate
large- and small-scale development projects that support the overall economic well-
being of the district

As part of and in addition to the above Duties, the Executive Director is responsible for seeing
that the CDDC meets the Scope of Services and Performance Measures as outlined in the
Contract for Services between the City of Concord and the CDDC. These have been attached to
the end of this advertisement.

All candidates must have the following:
– Undergraduate degree in a field related to economic development, planning, construction, design, or any other field(s) that relate directly to the above job description
– Minimum two years of experience as a manager of a Main Street program or downtown
revitalization program
– Direct or indirect experience in property development OR direct experience in managing an independently-owned business

Candidates must have the following characteristics:
– be sensitive to design and preservation issues
– understand the issues confronting downtown business people, property owners, public agencies, and community organizations
– be entrepreneurial, energetic, imaginative, well organized, and capable of functioning effectively in an independent situation
– have excellent verbal and written communication skills

Salary and Benefits
The CDDC Executive Director will be offered a competitive salary commensurate on experience,
plus paid vacation and sick leave, additional compensation to cover health and dental insurance,
401K contribution, and a phone allowance.

Application Process
Interested candidates should email the following to Marie Ward, CDDC Administrative Assistant,
at Marie@ConcordDowntown.com:

– Current Resume
– Three references with email address and phone number
– A brief (one page maximum) written description of why the candidate’s experience and
skill set make him/her a strong candidate for this position

For additional information please email Marie Ward a list of questions or a request for specific
additional information and the CDDC will respond accordingly. No phone calls, please.

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