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    photo of
    Raymond J. Burby
    Professor Emeritus, FAICP
    203 New East
    Chapel Hill, NC 27599
    work919.962.4774 or 919.969.9143 (phone)
    fax919.962.5206 (fax)
    Raymond Burby is professor emeritus in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Burby has research interests in state and local land-use management approaches to natural hazard mitigation, watershed protection, and other environmental problems. His publications deal with these topics as well as report the results of earlier work on building code enforcement, energy conservation, new community development, and low-income housing.

    His books include:

    • Cooperating with Nature: Confronting Natural Hazards with Land-Use Planning for Sustainable Communities. Washington, DC: Joseph Henry/National Academy Press, 1998.
    • Making Governments Plan: State Experiments in Managing Land Use (with Peter J. May, Philip R. Berke, Linda C. Dalton, Steven P. French, and Edward J. Kaiser). Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997.
    • Environmental Management and Governance: Intergovernmental Approaches to Hazards and Sustainability (with Peter J. May, Neil. J. Ericksen, John W. Handmer, Jennifer E. Dixon, Sarah Michaels, and D. Ingle Smith. London: Routledge Publishers, 1996.
    • Sharing Environmental Risks (with Beverly Cigler, Steven P. French, Edward J. Kaiser, Jack Kartez, Dale Roenigk, Dana Weist, and Dale Whittington). Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1991.
    • Cities Under Water (with Scott A. Bollens, James Holway, Edward J. Kaiser, David Mullan, and John R. Sheaffer). Boulder, CO: Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado, 1988.
    • Electric Utility Load Management (with Nicholas Didow, Mary Ellen Marsden, Michelle Bunn, Charles Hanna, and Stephen Johnston). Totowa, NJ: Littlefield, Adams and Company, 1985.
    • Flood Plain Land-Use Management (with Steven P. French, Beverly Cigler, Edward J. Kaiser, David H. Moreau, and Bruce Stiftel). Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 1985.
    • Drinking Water Supplies: Protection Through Watershed Management (with Edward J. Kaiser, Todd L. Miller and David H. Moreau). Ann Arbor, MI: Ann Arbor Science Publishers, 1983.
    • Energy and Housing (with Mary Ellen Marsden). Cambridge, MA: Oelschalger, Gunn and Hain Publishers, Inc., 1980.
    • Energy and the Community (with A. Flemming Bell). Cambridge, MA: Ballinger Publishing Company, 1978.
    • Schools in New Communities (with Thomas G. Donnelly). Cambridge, MA: Ballinger Publishing Company, 1977.
    • Recreation and Leisure in New Communities. Cambridge, MA: Ballinger Publishing Company, 1976.
    • Health Care in New Communities (with Norman H. Loewenthal). Cambridge, MA: Ballinger Publishing Company, 1976.
    • New Communities U.S.A. (with Shirley F. Weiss and others). Lexington, MA: D.C. Heath and Company, Lexington Books, 1976.


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