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    Students come to the department from around the globe.
    The educational backgrounds of students cover a wide range of undergraduate fields. Among them are architecture, biology, business, economics, engineering, forestry, geography, geology, history, landscape architecture, philosophy, planning, political science, psychology, public administration, sociology, and urban studies. Although some come to the department directly upon completion of undergraduate work, a larger number first gain experience in planning or in other fields.

    Students in the department are very active.
    Each semester students publish a nationally recognized journal, Carolina Planning Journal, which focuses on planning issues in the southeast United States. Student projects have won national and state-level awards from the American Planning Association. Planning students, collaborating with students from the Law School and the Business School, have sponsored and built several homes under the Habitat for Humanity program and raised money for other worthy causes, not only in the U.S., but in Central America, Eastern Europe, and other parts of the world. Students serve on departmental committees in the areas of curriculum, admissions, faculty recruitment, and doctoral program. Planners' Forum, the planning student organization, also sponsors a program of visiting speakers, a vigorous intramural sports program, and an active social agenda.

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