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    Master's Candidates


    Class of 2017

    Jonathan Ahn
    Katharine Baumann-Mitchell
    Chris Bendix
    Erika Brandt
    Daniel Bullock
    Austin Chowdhury
    Erin Convery
    Maureen Devlin
    James Ellis
    Peter Gorman
    Katrese Hale
    Sumner Handy
    Michelle Kelleher
    Shati Khan
    Carl Kolosna
    Michael Malecek
    Shamsa Mangalji
    Kelly March
    Sarah Martin
    Taylor McAdam
    Blake Montieth
    Abigail Moore
    Dennis Nicholas
    Jamar Nixon
    Estefany Noria
    Sarah Odio
    Ehimare Omozokpea
    Elizabeth Packer
    Jonathan Peterson
    Niranjani Radhakrishnan
    Hannah Reckhow
    Ashton Rohmer
    Dana Schoewe
    Joseph Seymour
    Taylor Smith
    Trey Talley
    Stephanie Tepperberg
    Patrick Welch
    Rachel Wexler
    Sarah Wraight
    Yun Xin

    Learn more about our students

    Student Profiles: MCRP Graduates seeking employment as of Summer 2017
    As you review our student profiles, you will notice that this graduating class contains a group of very strong students, most of whom have relevant work experience before joining the program. Our faculty has engaged this class in cutting-edge, applied research and in many community engagement projects that have formed the basis of their training. Employers who recruit from our program have access to students who are critical thinkers, and have extensive experience in team-building and problem-solving.


    Class of 2018

    Gwendolyn Barlow
    Taylor Billings
    Mary Buchanan
    Meredith Burns
    Allison Clonch
    Travis Crayton
    Stephanie Watkins-Cruz
    Alison Duncan
    Colleen Durfee
    James Farrell
    Lisa Fiedler
    Kyrsten French
    Carly Hoffmann
    Kaley Huston
    Rashaunda Lanier-Jackson
    Lauren Joca
    Sarah Johnson
    Ellis Johnson II
    Ansley Jones
    Christian Kamrath
    Kathryn Lang
    Sarah Long
    Karla Jimenez-Magdaleno
    Lingran Meng
    Catherine Miller
    Katelyn Mote
    Sarah Nott
    Sarah Parkins
    Catherine Peele
    Pasan Perera
    Michele Plaugic
    Hilary Pollan
    Jennifer Rangel
    Griffen Rice
    Keagan Sacripanti
    Nathaniel Seeskin
    Sarah Shaughnessy
    Jenna Shouse
    Miles Spann
    Charles Stanfield
    Ying Su
    Jiangyue Sun
    Ayisha Swann
    Margaret Tartala
    Ashley Tucker
    Grace Tuschak
    Sen Wang
    Alyson West
    Mary Williams
    Darien Williams
    Gar Yeung

    Learn more about our students

    Student Profiles: MCRP Students seeking internships for Summer 2017
    Internships provide our students with an opportunity to put some of their planning skills and newly acquired knowledge to practice.  These exchanges also enable students to identify timely research topics for their Master’s Projects, including those that reflect the needs North Carolina’s communities.

    Search for student contact information in the UNC Directory

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