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    Planners' Forum


    Planners’ Forum is the student government body for DCRP, serving the interests, needs, and concerns of the master’s students and providing overall student support.

    It acts as a liaison between students and faculty, opening the lines of communication and promoting joint efforts in intellectual growth and public service. Through several sub-committees, Planners’ Forum provides an opportunity for students to be involved in shaping the future of DCRP, by organizing student social events, participating in community outreach activities, inviting speakers, and serving on departmental committees.

    Planners’ Forum Co-Presidents
    The Planners’ Forum co-presidents coordinate the activities of the various sub-committees with the interests of students and the goals of the department. By attending faculty meetings, participating in various departmental committees, and working with other University organizations (such as the Graduate and Professional Student Federation and Student Congress), the co-presidents and sub-committees work to integrate student interests and the DCRP community into the larger University community as well as Chapel Hill.
    Contact: Stephanie Walkins-Cruz and Ellis Johnson uncplannersforum [at]

    Admissions Committee
    Assists the faculty in student admissions decisions for DCRP.

    Alumni Relations/Career Services
    Responsible for facilitating student-alumni contact and involving alumni in DCRP activities. Disseminates important career services information, such as resume workshops and job fairs, and updates the DCRP summer internship/job database, coordinates the Alumni Panel for the Open House for prospective students. The committee is open to creative new ideas for useful projects and events with alumni.
    Contact: Estefany Noria: estefan [at]

    Placemaking/Community Outreach Committee
    Organizes opportunities for students and faculty to serve in the community through events such as habitat builds, park clean-ups, etc.
    Contact: Abby Moore abigailmoore [at]

    Curriculum Committee
    Works to amend and improve the curriculum by fielding student concerns, forwarding ideas for new classes, and helping to construct semester schedules.
    Contact: Taylor Smith taylorruthsmith [at]

    Plan for ALL
    Plan for All, formerly known as the Diversity Committee, is committed to increasing inclusivity, equity, diversity, and social justice, both within DCRP and within the broader planning profession. Plan for All addresses issues related to race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, non-traditional students (and more) by inviting speakers and hosting workshops about relevant topics and holding “informal conversations” to foster dialogue among students about equity and diversity. In 2016, Plan for All established a review of DCRP curricula based on inclusion/diversity criteria, both in terms of author representation and topics covered in courses, and created an award that recognizes outstanding student research related to Plan for All’s mission. To learn more about Plan for All, check out our website and Facebook page
    Contact: Darien Williams and Hilary Pollan.  dcrp.planforall [at]

    Social Committee
    Informs students of social and recreational events on a weekly basis. Plans the fall picnic, holiday party, open house cookout, and other large department-sponsored events.
    Contact: Gwen Barlow dcrpsocial [at]

    Speaker Series Committee
    Coordinates bringing outside speakers to DCRP.

    NC APA Representative
    Acts as a liaison between the North Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association and DCRP. Attends NC APA Executive Committee meetings and provides students with knowledge of activities of practicing planners.
    Contact: Joe Seymour frankjoe [at]

    GPSF Representative
    The Graduate and Professional School Federation (GPSF) is a student government organization that is dedicated to representing the interests of graduate and professional students in university affairs. Every department on campus has a senator that serves on the federation’s decision-making body. The DCRP representative attends the meetings of the Graduate and Professional Student Federation and acts as an intermediary between DCRP and the Graduate School.

    Admission Committee: Heather Morris Cohen (

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