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Jess Brandes

Jess Brandes, MCRP ’09

Jess Brandes is a housing developer working in Raleigh. She was recently named one of the 40 under 40 leaders by the Triangle Business Journal.

Kshitiz Khanal

Kshitiz Khanal

Kshitiz pursues research on the applications of machine learning and geospatial analytics in energy and environmental planning

Bobby Funk

Bobby Funk, MCRP ’19

Bobby developed a passion for city planning through his work at the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership, a local economic development nonprofit, where he has been … Continued

Geoffrey Green

Geoffrey Green, MCRP ’13

Geoffrey Green (MCRP ’13) is a transportation professional with a broad range of experience in the federal and state (North Carolina) transportation funding system, and … Continued

Chris Samoray

Chris’s research interests relate to issues at the coast, including sea level rise, flooding, and storm surge

Stephanie Watkins Cruz

Stephanie Watkins-Cruz, MPA-MCRP ’18

Stephanie was a few months into her MPA program at UNC Chapel Hill when she realized she wanted to dive further into her interests around … Continued

Amanda Ullman

Amanda’s research focuses on just energy transitions in Latin America.

Christina Galardi

Christina Galardi Henricks, MPH/MCRP ’16

Project Manager, SC Department of Health and Human Services Graduated: 2016 Specialization: Transportation Christina serves as a subject matter expert in Health Programs for the … Continued

Wayne Feiden

Wayne Feiden, MRP ’89

Wayne Feiden is director of planning and sustainability for the City of Northampton, Massachusetts. His focus includes resilience, sustainability, downtown revitalization, multimodal transportation, open space … Continued

Megan McIntyre

Megan McIntyre is a second-year PhD student in the City and Regional Planning Depar. Her comparative research agenda focuses on questions of identity, immigration, and … Continued

Jasmine Kumalah Stammes

Jasmine Kumalah Stammes, MCRP ’15

Jasmine is a Healthy Eating and Active Living Coordinator for the Conservation Fund.

Bill King image

Bill King, MCRP ’14

Bill is the Senior Vice President of Planning and Development for the Downtown Raleigh Alliance and works on everything from retail recruitment to data and … Continued

Sen Wang

Sen Wang, MCRP ’18

In Sen’s last year of undergraduate studies in China, he got the chance to participate in research projects and conferences on city issues like new … Continued

Jo (Joungwon) Kwon

Jo’s research interests reside in visualizations as a tool to support climate action plans.

Shomi Sinha

Saumitra Sinha

Shomie specializes in water resources and sanitation planning in developing countries

Annabella Palacios image

Anabella Palacios, MCRP ’11

Economic Development Planner, Washington D.C. area Year Graduated: 2011 Specialization: Economic Development Economic development planner. International development experience. Her interests span urban revitalization, climate change … Continued

Alexander Kado profile image

Alexander Kado, MCRP ’16

Alexander is a recent Carolina Planning graduate who has spent the past year living and working in the Netherlands.

Emily Paul

Emily Gvino, MCRP ’21

I came to DCRP because I want to further explore how city and regional planning can shape the social determinants of health through the built … Continued

Lea Sabbag image

Lea Sabbag, MCRP ’16

Lea Sabbag (MCRP ’16), one of the Coastal Resilience Center’s (CRC) Education and Workforce Development grant recipients, was part of CRC work from 2014-2016. She … Continued

Michael Wooley-Osdahl

Michael Wooley-Ousdahl, MCRP/MPA ’11

Michael Wooley-Ousdahl (MCRP ’11) Transportation Operations Manager for Google and a 2018 Leadership Mountain View graduate Tell us where you live, work, and attended school.  … Continued

Michael Hogan image

Michael Hogan, MCRP ’16

Michael is an economic development research analyst at RTI International, specializing in urban and regional economics.

Kyle Onda

Kyle is a PhD student at Carolina Planning and has studied water and sanitation planning in low and middle-income countries in some form or another … Continued

Katie Berkey image

Katie Berkey, MCRP & JD ’11

Katie Berkey is a certified land planner (AICP) and licensed attorney (Florida) with more than nine years of diverse project experience in Connecticut, the mid-Atlantic, … Continued

James Hamilton

Through his work, James hopes to transform the built environment through consideration of holistic impacts of development on communities and the environment.

Alyson West

Alyson West, MCRP ’18

For 20 years Alyson worked in the music industry and lived all over the world, including places like Germany, Australia, and Portland. However, once she … Continued

Lanisha Blount

Lanisha Renee Blount, MCRP ’14

Designer. Researcher. Strategist. Greater New York City Area Year graduated from Carolina Planning: 2014 Specialization at Carolina Planning: Real Estate Development Track Designer. Researcher. Strategist. … Continued

Dan Levine

Dan Levine, MRP/MPA ’07

Director of Business Development & Project Management, Self-Help Real Estate Team Year graduated from Carolina Planning: 2007 Specialization: Housing & Community Development Planning and Public … Continued

Marc Moore, MCRP’22

Raised in cities across the country, Marc Moore has always had a strong interest in architecture, urban form and transportation. At Carolina Planning, he hopes … Continued

Allen Lum image

Allen Lum, MCRP ’16

Growing up in New York City has made Allen Lum a fierce supporter of urban living and mass transit.


Ellen Emeric, MCRP ’19

Ellen began to seriously consider a career in City and Regional Planning after living in the Dominican Republic and experiencing the negative effects of unequal … Continued

Christian Kamrath

Christian Kamrath, MCRP ’18

Christian’s passion for helping communities understand and adapt to climate change impacts made attending Carolina Planning an easy decision. He was especially drawn to the … Continued

Si Shi

Si Shi, MCRP ’16

Si is a travel demand modeler at the Charlotte Department of Transportation.

Atticus Jaramillo

Atticus Jaramillo, PhD 2022

Atticus’ experience as an affordable housing researcher in the Twin Cities lead him to Carolina Planning as a PhD student. Through a range of research … Continued

Jenn Rangel

Jennifer Rangel, MCRP ’18

Jennifer, a first-generation college graduate, grew up in the Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff, and attributes her upbringing in that area as her motivation to … Continued

Keagan Sacripanti

Keagan Sacripanti, MCRP ’18

Keagan studied public policy and political science at UNC Chapel Hill as an undergraduate, but by the time he received his BA he felt like … Continued

Jeff Rissman

Jeffrey Rissman, MCRP ’11

Jeffrey works at Energy Innovation LLC, a non-governmental organization (NGO) based out of San Francisco. He helps policymakers around the world identify and implement policies … Continued