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Focus: Energy Planning

Kshitiz Khanal

Hometown: Mulpani (Kathmandu), Nepal

Previous Degrees: Energy Systems Planning, Mechanical Engineering



Kshitiz says: I pursue research on the applications of machine learning and geospatial analytics in energy and environmental planning. I have degrees in energy planning and mechanical engineering from Kathmandu University. Professor Nikhil Kaza is my advisor. I was involved in the Department’s Carolina Tracker project in which we tracked North Carolina’s post-COVID economic recovery in an online dashboard: I have been involved as a teaching assistant in courses such as Planning Methods, Urban Analytics with R, Personal Finance, and Intro to Environment and Society. Before coming to UNC, I worked at Kathmandu Living Labs as an open data and development researcher. I co-founded Open Knowledge Nepal, a non-profit open data and open technology development and advocacy organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal in which I currently serve as the board chair. I have also practiced mechanical design consulting and research in low carbon and appropriate technology such as low head hydro power plants in Nepal. Outside my work, I can be found playing and watching football (soccer), hiking, dabbling with calligraphy, and sipping the Himalayan Silver Tips tea.





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