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MCRP 2018 Graduate
Specialization: Economic Development
Hometown: Weirton, WV

Keagan studied public policy and political science at UNC Chapel Hill as an undergraduate, but by the time he received his BA he felt like he didn’t have a lot of knowledge that was implementable on a small scale. He felt comfortable in his understanding of broad trends and institutions, but when it came to making a difference in his community, he felt a little lost. Dr. Nichola Lowe, a Carolina Planning professor, pitched the idea of a Master’s in City and Regional Planning to Keagan. She described it as a way to learn how to make clear, local differences, out of the abstract and theoretical. Her words stuck with Keagan, and he was excited to join a department that had her as a professor.

Aside from his economic development coursework, Keagan keeps busy by working for a couple of PhD students and participating in Carolina Planning events. He tries to take advantage of as many events as possible, not only because they are of interest, but also because he is excited to support his fellow planners. Though he’s still getting a foothold on community affairs in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, he describes his involvement in the community as a mix of local employment and activism.

Keagan’s time in the department has helped him create and prepare for his goals. While he has always been pretty flexible and easygoing when it comes to long-term thinking, Carolina Planning has helped Keagan understand how to direct his future.