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James Hamilton

Through his work, James hopes to transform the built environment through consideration of holistic impacts of development on communities and the environment.

Marc Moore, MCRP’22

Raised in cities across the country, Marc Moore has always had a strong interest in architecture, urban form and transportation. At Carolina Planning, he hopes … Continued

Kyle Onda

Kyle is a PhD student at Carolina Planning and has studied water and sanitation planning in low and middle-income countries in some form or another … Continued

Amanda Ullman

Amanda’s research focuses on just energy transitions in Latin America.

Jo (Joungwon) Kwon

Jo’s research interests reside in visualizations as a tool to support climate action plans.

Kshitiz Khanal

Kshitiz Khanal

Kshitiz pursues research on the applications of machine learning and geospatial analytics in energy and environmental planning

Chris Samoray

Chris’s research interests relate to issues at the coast, including sea level rise, flooding, and storm surge