Carolina Planning Capstone

Capstone Image

In their final year in the program, students must submit a final project of professional quality on a topic in their area of specialization. Completed in the student’s second year of the program, this … Continued

Duke Belt Line redevelopment

Downtown Durham

Wood’s project examines the various real estate redevelopment opportunities provided by urban trail infrastructure, using Durham’s future Duke Belt Line (DBL) as an example case. The DBL is a project … Continued

Neighborhood change near local rail service

DC Townhomes

Local rail transit infrastructure benefits people and communities by providing an alternate method for navigating congested roads, channeling growth around transit hubs, and allowing mobility for indi … Continued

Catalyzing social change through the arts

artist space

Envisioning art as a tool for both economic development and social activism, Wexler offers an analysis on art and its social value in communities. She especially places attention on the relationship b … Continued

Housing choice voucher spatial integration

Housing Building

The history of spatial segregation in the United States involves discriminatory barriers against minorities that limit chances for upward mobility. Unfortunately, government policies to combat residen … Continued

Moped safety and registration

Mopeds at Night

Vulnerable road users (VRU), which includes pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists, are found blocked in the midst of transportation policies and roadway infrastructures that are heavily designed fo … Continued

Dorothea Dix Hospital

Dorothea Dix arial view

While rehabilitation of historic sites may differ in scale, finances, ownership, or use, its preservation and adaptation requires careful planning and coordination. This study examines the complex fac … Continued