Greetings from Chapel Hill! UNC’s Department of City and Regional Planning (DCRP) is entering our eighth decade of producing leaders in the planning and development field. Program graduates have led transit systems, built affordable and market-rate housing, and run planning departments across the United States and beyond. The work of faculty, graduates, and current students shapes the communities and regions where we live and is critical to addressing societal challenges including congestion, air pollution, housing affordability, and inequality.

DCRP prepares students for a global world.  Our students hail from across the United States and the globe. Faculty and graduate students conduct research across the world with current projects in China, India, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, and the UK. Our partnerships with Beijing Jiaotong University and Peking University connect students and faculty to the dynamic growth and issues in China.

DCRP’s faculty produces high-quality work steeped real world contexts.  Bill Lester, who specializes in economic development, has assessed the impacts of minimum wage laws and has had his work cited in a State of the Union Address. Roberto Quercia and Nikhil Kaza’s work on mortgages and energy efficiency has been presented to members of Congress and their staff. All faculty actively conduct research and publish with students.

Support from friends of our department enables City and Regional Planning to maintain its outstanding tradition of cutting-edge scholarship, innovative teaching, and valuable service to the community. I look forward to connecting with you.

Noreen McDonald
Chair, City & Regional Planning