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The New East Building has three rooms that can be reserved for members affiliated with the department. 

Follow the links below to check room availability:

New East 101 (Conference Room)Tables seat up to 6 (COVID capacity), with additional seating along the side of the room. Contains ONYEN login supported computer and large screen TV monitor.

New East 211 (Chapin Reading Room)This room can be arranged to seat up to 14 people (COVID capacity).  Contains a pull-down screen, laptop and built-in projector.

New East 308 (Student Interview Room) – Individual students can reserve this room.  Contains a phone, desk and chair.

After checking availability, contact the department to reserve the room.



In addition, General Purpose Classrooms across campus may also be reserved for one-time events, but due to extenuating circumstances related to COVID-19 and room capacities, the Event Request Form is currently unavailable.