The New East building is currently under renovation, so we are unable to currently accept room reservation requests. 

General Purpose Classrooms may also be reserved for one-time events:
To find a classroom that fits your needs, visit the classroom info site.
Use this form to request a room reservation

Below is a listing of rooms that can be reserved for your use and that are close to the department:

Hamilton 15210NoneReggie Singletary (962-1007,
Davie 228 10ProjectorTamsen Foote (843-5467,
Bynum 236 10-16Screen/Camera/SpeakersAmber Meads (962-6617,
Davie 202 15-20 ProjectorTamsen Foote (843-5467,
Hamilton 207 20Screen/Camera/SpeakersReggie Singletary (962-1007,
Davie 34720Projector Tamsen Foote (843-5467,
Hamilton 15125Screen/Camera/SpeakersReggie Singletary (962-1007,
Davie 302 25ProjectorTamsen Foote (843-5467,
Davie 261 25-35Projector/ComputerTamsen Foote (843-5467,
Howell 20545 Screen/Computer Tamsen Foote (843-5467,
Hamilton 27150Projector (room setup similar to Chapin, chairs no conference table) Reggie Singletary (962-1007,