PLAN247001LECTR3:30 PM4:45 PMFH 0109Solving Urban ProblemsTHOMAS
PLAN491001LECTR2:00 PM3:15 PMCH 0220GEOG 491Introduction to GISARCE NAZARIO
PLAN491601RECM2:30 PM3:20 PMCH 0322GEOG 491Introduction to GISGIEFER
PLAN491602RECW3:35 PM4:25 PMCH 0322GEOG 491Introduction to GISGIEFER
PLAN491603RECF1:25 PM2:15 PMCH 0322GEOG 491Introduction to GISGIEFER
PLAN53001LECTR11:00 AM12:15 PMDE 0307First-Year Seminar: The Changing American JobLOWE
PLAN590001LECMW9:05 AM10:20 AMNE 0102Special Topics SeminarBISHOP
PLAN590002LECMW9:00 AM10:15 AMNE 0301Special Topics SeminarLESTER
PLAN591001LECT3:30 PM6:00 PMCH 0322Applied Issues in Geographic Information SystemsSONG
PLAN636001LECTR2:00 PM3:15 PMPE 0218Urban Transportation PlanningMCDONALD
PLAN641001LECMW12:45 PM2:00 PMNE 0102ENEC 641Ecology and Land Use PlanningBENDOR
PLAN651001LECTR12:30 PM1:45 PMHN 0112Urban Form and the Design of CitiesWHITTEMORE
PLAN710001LECTR9:30 AM10:45 AMNE 0102Microeconomics for Planning and Public Policy AnalysisTEWARI
PLAN710601RECF12:20 PM1:35 PMNE 0102Microeconomics for Planning and Public Policy AnalysisGUINN
PLAN714001LECMW2:30 PM3:45 PMNE 0102Urban Spatial StructureLESTER
PLAN714401LABF10:00 AM11:00 AMNE 0102Urban Spatial StructureLI/ SCHWALLER
PLAN714601RECF9:00 AM10:00 AMNE 0102Urban Spatial StructureLI/ SCHWALLER
PLAN720001LECTR11:00 AM12:15 PMNE 0102Planning MethodsSPURLOCK
PLAN720002LECTR12:30 PM1:45 PMGM 0213Planning MethodsSPURLOCK
PLAN720401LABM12:20 PM1:10 PMCH 0322Planning MethodsKELMENSON/VITRO
PLAN720402LABW12:20 PM1:10 PMCH 0322Planning MethodsKELMENSON/VITRO
PLAN720403LABW6:30 PM7:20 PMCH 0322Planning MethodsKELMENSON/VITRO
PLAN720601RECF11:15 AM12:05 PMNE 0102Planning MethodsKELMENSON/VITRO
PLAN752001LECM4:40 PM7:25 PMNE 0102Project and Site PlanningWHITTEMORE
PLAN756001LECW5:15 PM8:00 PMNE 0102Survey of Natural Hazards and DisastersSMITH
PLAN761001LECMW2:30 PM3:45 PMNE 0301Housing and Public PolicyQUERCIA
PLAN763001LECMW11:15 AM12:30 PMNE 0301Urban Neighborhood RevitalizationROHE
PLAN764001LECR2:00 PM5:00 PMKN 3108PUBA 734Community Development & Revitalization TechniquesMULLIGAN
PLAN765001LECW8:00 AM10:40 AMGM 0213Real Estate DevelopmentMALIZIA
PLAN769001LECM9:00 AM12:00 PMAL 0207Housing & Community Development Planning and PolicyNGUYEN
PLAN773001LECT2:00 PM4:45 PMNE 0301Urban and Regional Development SeminarTEWARI
PLAN788001LECTR11:00 AM12:15 PMCH 0322PLCY 788Advanced Economic Analysis for Public Policy IDURRANCE
PLAN801001LECTR9:30 AM10:45 AMCW 0208PLCY 801Design of Policy-Oriented ResearchHANDA
PLAN805001LECW2:30 PM5:15 PMNE 0305Theory of Planning IIKAZA
PLAN823001LECW2:30 PM5:00 PMSM 0107Planning WorkshopLOWE
PLAN823002LECT12:30 PM3:00 PMNE 0102Planning WorkshopSONG
PLAN823003LECTR11:00 AM12:15 PMNE 0301Planning WorkshopTHOMAS

NE is New East, other building abbreviations are listed here.

M = Monday | T = Tuesday | W = Wednesday | R = Thursday | F= Friday