Last updated: December 1, 2017

PLAN 574001LECT2:00 PM4:30 PMNE 0102Poverty and InequalityTEWARI
PLAN 590002LECTR9:30 AM10:45 AMGM 0035Complete, Safe, Equitable StreetsTPOCOMBS
PLAN 590001LECR11:00 AM12:15 PMPH 0208Professional DevelopmentLOWE
PLAN 685001LECF9:05 AM11:45 AMMC 2308ENVR 685Water Policy in Less Developed CountriesWHITTINGTON
PLAN 704001LECMW9:05 AM10:20 AMSC 0210Theory of Planning ICOREKAZA
PLAN 704401LECMW11:15 AM12:30 PMSC 0210Theory of Planning ICOREKAZA
PLAN 721401LABM1:25 PM2:25 PMNE 0301Advanced Planning MethodsBENDOR
PLAN 721001LECMW2:30 PM3:45 PMPH 0220Advanced Planning MethodsBENDOR
PLAN 722401LABM1:25 PM2:25 PMNE 0301Systems Thinking and Modeling for PlannersBENDOR
PLAN 722001LECMW2:30 PM3:45 PMPH 0220Systems Thinking and Modeling for PlannersBENDOR
PLAN 735001LECR2:00 PM5:00 PMKN 3301PUBA 735Community Revitalization AppliedMULLIGAN
PLAN 738001LECMW9:05 AM10:20 AMNE 0102Transportation Policy and PlanningTPOTHOMAS
PLAN 741001LECTR11:00 AM12:15 PMNE 0102Land Use and Environmental PlanningLUEP / TPOSONG
PLAN 744001LECTR9:30 AM10:45 AMNE 0102Development and Environmental ManagementLUEPSONG
PLAN 745001LECMW11:15 AM12:30 PMNE 0102Development Impact AssessmentLUEP / TPOBENDOR
PLAN 745401LABF12:30 PM1:45 PMPE 0216Development Impact AssessmentLUEP / TPOBENDOR
PLAN 754001LECW5:00 PM6:00 PMNE 0102Natural Hazards Speakers SeriesNAT HAZSMITH
PLAN 757001LECM4:00 PM6:45 PMNE 0301Planning for Historical PreservationHOWARD
PLAN 760001LECMW2:30 PM3:45 PMNE 0102Real Estate and Affordable HousingHCDBISHOP
PLAN 770001LECTR2:00 PM3:15 PMNE 0301Economic Development PolicyEDLOWE
PLAN 776001LECTR12:30 PM1:45 PMNE 0102Development FinanceEDMALIZIA
PLAN 785001LECTR9:30 AM10:45 AMNE 0301ENVR 785Public Investment TheoryEDWHITTINGTON
PLAN 800001LECW1:25 PM3:45 PMCH 0204Research DesignPHDMCDONALD
PLAN 823001LECW5:00 PM8:00 PMMB 2000HCD WorkshopHCDNGUYEN
PLAN 246001LECTR11:00 AM12:15 PMGL 0101Cities of the Past, Present and FutureROHE

NE is New East, other building abbreviations are listed here.

M = Monday | T = Tuesday | W = Wednesday | R = Thursday | F= Friday
LEC = Lecture | REC = Recitation | LAB = Lab