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DCRP faculty member Todd BenDor

Distinguished Professor in Sustainable Community Design; Director of the Odum Institute, PhD Program Director

Specialization: Land Use and Environmental Planning
304 New East & 231B Davis Library (Odum Institute)

Accepting PhD students


Dr. Todd BenDor is the Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Community Design in the Department of City and Regional Planning and the UNC Institute for the Environment. He is the Director of the Odum Institute for Research in Social Sciences. Dr. BenDor’s research and teaching focus on improving our understanding of the impacts that human activities and development can have on sensitive ecological and environmental systems. His research uses qualitative, statistical, and simulation modeling methods to improve: 1) implementation of environmental markets, such as those used domestically to improve water quality and protect and restore wetlands 2) our understanding of the environmental impacts of urban growth and change 3) policies aimed at urban resilience, including floodplain buyouts and flood insurance 4) how we approach and engage in environmental conflict resolution.


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Affiliations: Center for Urban and Regional Studies, Program on Chinese Cities, Institue for the Environment, Odum Institute ‏, Environment - Ecology & Energy Program (E3P)